Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Knockin' my Socks off

Every time I pass my front window and catch a glimpse of the flowers out front it knocks my socks off. I stop what I am doing and just take in that view of those scrumptious flowers. I love what Ray has created out here. It used to be grass.

The orange lilies are divine. I am thinking that my orange piece for the 12 x 12 Orange Challenge just has to have some of these lilies in it.

The big, tall lilies have started blooming. So beautiful and so fragrant. They perfume the entire yard.

This is as big as my face.

The toy fire truck is one of the treasures dug up in the yard. It sits on a stump amid the darker orangey-red lilies.

The studio progresses. The plumbing guy worked out there all day today. His work is not so visible, but oh, so important. I started trying to figure out where everything will go today. Yesterday I went out and shopped for a toilet and sink and looked at shelving. Shelving has me a little stymied, but I think I'm figuring something out.

Our son-in-law arrived home from Ecuador last night and came to look at the construction this morning. This has all happened while he was gone. I think he was pretty excited—I think I've mentioned that he designed the studio. He said that the little country house in Ecuador that he designed for his mother is having problems with the plumbing. I asked what kind of sewer/septic system it has and he told me that the sewer dumps into the river. Oyyy! Of course I thought of all the hoops we have jumped through to build this anywhere near our little creek. Apparently water quality is not quite as high a priority in Ecuador.


  1. Terry, if you'll forgive just one more bit of advice -- get a high "handicap" toilet. They have really fine ones and if your knees or hips go bad, you'll always be grateful.

    Ray's garden is fabulous, too.

  2. The garden is lovely! No wonder it knocks your sox off. I think lilies are the royalty of gardens - so lovely and stately!

    I'm enjoying the progress on "The Annex". So wonderful to have a place designed for your needs!

  3. Oh I can't wait to hear what you do for whelves. I am thinking of closed cabinets along one side of mine for fabric - keep it out of the light. Plus, if I have open shelves it'll be a jumble in no time.

    Love the flowers. Lilies are my favorite. My sewing machine is even a lily. Viking Lily. :)

  4. Terry, what a beautiful view of your yard. Tell Ray he has done a great job! It's fun reading about the progress of your studio.

  5. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Dear Terry,
    Loved your blog: garden pix are great; enjoyed reading about your beautiful Mother, and her friend Priscilla. Good luck with the studio!

    Linda Laird
    Quiltart reader

  6. What a fabulous idea to build your studio and green house together. What a lucky woman you are!

    I loved your story of your mother. She was a beautiful woman and I am sure she would be so happy to know her friend has been there for you.

    Marco is adorable, such a fantastic photo.

  7. Rebecca Lilly Segura5:08 AM

    Hi Terry,
    I have enjoyed browsing your blog, reading the stories about your life, and looking at your art pieces. You must draw much inspiration and peace from your lovely garden... the lilies are lovely! Thank you, I plan to be visiting your regularly online.