Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On the Streets of Tacoma

The day after we went to the Quilt Show several of us took the trolley back to downtown Tacoma to find the American Art Company which was hosting a show of fiber art. We rode the trolley from near our hotel to the nearest stop and walked, finding interesting and beautiful things all along the way. There are a lot of charming old buildings in Tacoma's downtown area, as well as a lot of public art.

(I love how my reflection becomes the body for the face)

When we got to the gallery we found much to admire inside. It was almost more satisfying than the big quilt show had been the day before, for me. Alongside the fiber art was an exhibit of vessels made of a variety of materials.

"Nest" Erika Carter

"Light Ray" Janet Kurjan

"Sept. 28, 2010-March 8, 2011" Toot Reid

"Flowers in the Dream" Binh Pho

Jacques Vesery

Jacques Vesery

When we left the gallery we came upon a plaza where there were hundreds of words printed on small panels that could be arranged into series or bits of poetry, like those refrigerator magnet words for creating poetry. We couldn't resist creating our own statement.

And on that cheery note, we bid a fond farewell to Tacoma. Our train trip home was quieter than the one up. We were tired. I love these getaways with my friends. I come home happy and inspired.


  1. Let me add my word to those...beautiful.

  2. Lovely stuff. I love Erika Carter's work.

  3. The coffee shop in that building on top is very good.I love the galleries and museums in Tacoma.

    The crow you have pictured looks like it came off of one your quilts.

    Thanks for these pictures.

  4. Anonymous6:21 PM

    I just have to ask. Is Linda, from "throuh linda's eyes" blog your friend? I noticed a similarity in your posts today.