Thursday, August 04, 2011

Studio progress

I think our builder is angling for the best Angie's List rating ever. He is so all over this project. Behold the progress at the end of today.

Floor joists.

Yesterday I awoke to a hummedy, hummedy, clunkedy, clunkedy sound and knew that something was happening outside. I threw on shorts, shirt and sandals and grabbed my camera. Just as I suspected—concrete truck. They were pouring the foundation.

This morning there was a guy out there knocking the forms off the concrete, then a pile of lumber was delivered, and when Sofia and I arrived home from the library late this afternoon there was sawing and hammering and big boards being fitted into place. The joists for the studio floor are now in place.

A beautiful sight.

When we were planning and designing the studio Ray kept saying it would be built on a concrete slab. That would be the easiest, most straightforward way to do it. I was not keen on the idea of a concrete floor. So hard to stand on for hours at a time and my legs and back are not what they once were. When we started interviewing potential builders a couple of them agreed that the slab was the way to go. The third said, no, he thought a crawlspace and joists would be just as easy and make a nicer floor to work on. Yeah! So that's what I am getting. I have yet to choose the final floor covering, but it will most likely be a commercial grade linoleum. I want something tough and easy to sweep and mop, where stray pins cannot hide, nor threads and snips adhere to and paint will not stain..Light, bright and neutral to reflect a lot of natural light. At the rate they are getting this thing built, I think I need to go floor shopping quite soon.

The greenhouse will get a poured concrete slab with a drain in the middle. They tell me the plumbing will start going in tomorrow.


  1. How exciting for you!

  2. Call me the minute they start framing!!! I gotta be over there sniffing sawdust and listening to will remind me of my dad building our house. I will bring coffee, and have muffins on stand by ;-)

    I maybe as excited as you are if that is possible!!! Time to begin planning the opening recepton??

  3. I have Marmoleum tiles. They clean up like a dream and are great for straightening large quilts!! They can be replaced if there is permanent damage. My recommendation. I would have chosen different colors that are there, but otherwise a great studio floor.

  4. This is coming together fast, I hope I get to see it soon

  5. What a delight. Maybe all my dour warnings warded off the evil construction spirits. Wise move to avoid the concrete floor -- it was the one thing (besides lots of windows) that I insisted upon, over the grumblings and gruntings of our contractor. Congrats and happy days!

  6. Anonymous9:51 PM

    I have sheet Marmoleum. It is natural, doesn't offgas, is easy to clean, does not yellow and is easy on the feet and legs.

  7. building is just another type of man quilt! Can't wait to see the next step!

  8. Wow- this is really humming along at great speed! I LOVE construction sites, wish I were there to 'oversee' the project. I have a concrete floor in my studio- plain old gray when i bought it. As soon as I had it painted cream the whole place turned bright and light- I was amazed at the difference. I wish I had something softer so have put those chef rubber rugs down where I stand most. To actually build a studio is a dream! Love watching yours.