Thursday, October 06, 2011

Moving into the studio

I haven't been moving things very quickly. I still have a lot to do to get it ready for all the stuff. The new studio has been an opportunity to think about what I need to work more comfortably and efficiently. Storage is important, especially for my fabric stash. I decided on a system from IKEA, using tubs that slide into a framework like drawers. I can pull them partway out or pull the whole tub out to rummage through as I look for the right fabrics to use. I think I'm going to like them.

Yesterday my friend Jeri came over and helped me sort my fabrics out of their old tubs and into the new ones. It was nice to have her company and help.

I was undecided about whether to roll or fold the individual pieces of fabric, so we did some of each and I will decide which works best for me. The idea is to have every piece visible from the top of the tub. This is actually most of my stash. I was surprised that it seemed to fit quite well. There will be some additional tubs that can sit on top of the whole unit.

The cupboards on either side of the tub system are old ones. I gave them a fresh coat of paint and I think they will work well for art supplies. I also think they will add some stability to the tub system. I spent much of today putting together the frames and another piece of furniture from IKEA. The IKEA stuff is quite marvelous in its ingenuity and the way the pieces go together. I am concocting a new, long sewing table from pieces and parts old and new. The red piece from IKEA will support one end of the table. Legs from IKEA the other end.

It has been gray and a little rainy off and on today as I puttered away in the studio, listening to NPR and Allen wrenching away at my IKEA stuff. I drug an outdoor chair in out of the rain when I needed a place to sit.

Light, bright, peaceful. I can hardly wait to start sewing out here.

Someone asked what the plaque above the door says.

You may remember when I bought it...


  1. Oh Terry, it is so nice to see you getting to move into this beautiful space! It looks great and your storage solution looks quite useful.

  2. It may seem slow to you, but it looks fast on this end! I want to know your answer to folded or rolled. I have never considered rolled, but looking at your bins I think that could work for me as well.

  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Do you know the name of the IKEA storage system you chose? I like the tub arrangement but can't find it on their website.


  4. Anonymous didn't leave a way to contact her directly, so here's the info on the IKEA storage I am using: It is called Trofast and there are lots of sizes and options available. I am using the tall units with the middle size tubs.

  5. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Achoo! My work space always has the same packages of kleenex that your window sill shows! An important tool to have in your kit! And thanks for letting me know what the sign over the door says - I may not have been following your blog back then.

  6. It was fun work and I needed the visit. Noticed you got your castors already, now Thor needs a basket just outside the front door as no studio is complete without a Studio Puss, allergies be damned!

  7. Julie6:22 AM

    Thank you for the IKEA info.

  8. Your storage looks great. I so wish we had an IKEA nearby! Can't wait to see finished set-up space. Maybe you could be in one of those Quilting Arts Studio edition magazines.