Saturday, October 22, 2011

Open Studio

Today was the first day of the Washington County Open Studios. I am showing my work in my friend, Jeri Flom's studio. When I had to sign up to do this it was not clear to us whether my own studio would be ready in time, so I opted to share Jeri's space, which turned out great. It is nice to be with someone else. You have someone to visit with while you wait for visitors, plus with two of you, you have a fuller, more interesting display of work for your guests to enjoy. It was a nice day. We met some nice people, we saw some good friends who stopped by to see what we had, visit a bit and lend support. We love that. Sales were sparse, but it was great to connect with art lovers and fellow artists.

I have a lot of small pieces on display. My work is on the right. Jeri's beautiful work is on the left. I think we compliment one another.

I have some of my larger pieces there as well. It all looks so good in Jeri's space, which is clean and bright and uncluttered. I hope to do this again next year in my own studio.

This is only year #2 of the Washington County Studio tour. I went as an observer last year and I was impressed. There are several Open Studio tours in the area, so we are up against some competition, but there are some interesting and very good artists in this area. We will be there again tomorrow (Sunday) and it is free, so if you are in the area, we'd love to see you. You can get directions and info here. And, if you need extra incentive, Jeri made brownies, with cinnamon and chipotle pepper. They will make you very happy you came to see us, even before you look at the art!


  1. What a neat event! And you can look forward to inviting people to your beautiful studio next year.

  2. that is a very nice post! i really liked it! think the style you used is very approrpiate! thank you for your efforts!

  3. The brownies were great, the art even better.

  4. Looks great. Are your little pieces in frames or matted? How did you mount them?

  5. I have already subscribed to the RSS feed of your weblog and look forward to reading more of your blog posts in the future.