Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Digital drawing

Remember when I was on a big hunt for a good drawing app for my Kindle Fire? I figured out that Sketchbook Pro seemed like the best and I got it. And then I did nothing with it. Today I started fooling with it. I don't think I am destined to make great art with it. David Hockney has been doing some very interesting digital work on his iPhone and iPad, but I am no David Hockney.

I find it really slow going and awkward, but maybe I need more practice. Today's experiments:

Poppies in the front yard. I had this nearly finished and somehow erased the whole thing and had to start over. Wonder if Hockney has ever done that.

Drawing. Aye, yi, yi. I used the "airbrush" to add some shading.

Then I decided to focus on the airbrush. Kind of like a pastel. May have some promise.

Not convinced this medium has anything over the old paper and pen/pencil/pastel.


  1. Well from looking at these examples I don't see where you need more practice. That airbrush tool looks like fun!

  2. While the undo feature is completely awesome and sometimes I wish I had it in my real life, I would miss the smell of the art supply store too much to go 100% IPAD/Kindle drawing. It is pretty cool though.

  3. these are neat. I have an MGI Photo Suite. I made two hundred paintings that only exist in my computer. then I lost the MGI. and can't print them out. bummer.
    your's are great.