Thursday, May 10, 2012

The earth and spring

This place where we live really comes alive this time of year. Especially when the sun shines. I step outside in the evening and the sound of frogs is raucous and insistent. By the sound of it there are hundreds of little frogs in close proximity to the house. I love the sound. It is cheerful and lively and goes hand in hand with a sweet, green fragrance of springtime. The volume and variety of the sound makes me think I should be able to look out and see frogs hopping all over the lawn, but no. It is rare to see the little frogs and seems like such a treat to spot one. See how perfectly this little guy I saw today matches his background.

They are probably all around me, blending nearly perfectly into the background.

The other day I looked out the studio window to spot a possum waddling quickly down the driveway. Not so fond of the possums. Ray found a slender little snake coiled in the bottom of a flowerpot the other day. They startle me in the grass occasionally, but I like to think they are keeping the mosquitoes and other bugs at bay. Yes, suddenly the place seems alive with creatures and flowers and wonderful green everywhere.

I have finished the second of the "Elements" pieces. This is earth.
I have no ideas for water and air. I joked that air might just be a blank white piece—not!

This weekend my work will be in a show/sale at the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. I am looking forward to seeing the whole show and hope to sell something. Next week the STASH group is going to Central Oregon for our annual retreat. I am starting to gather my projects and supplies to take along. Meanwhile, I love the sunshine and am on the lookout for frogs as I come and go around the house and studio. I know they are out there. I hear them.


  1. Crashing waves, rain, watering hole, aquifer? Wind in the trees, clouds in the sky, billowing laundry on the line, gauzy curtains and an open window? Your earth piece could be wildflowers, or not, and your fire is definitely manmade, so I'd think that water and air should have some human interaction inherent. Your first two are beautiful and glowing, and I have no doubt that the next two will be wonderful as well.

  2. Earth is lovely! I'm sure air and water will come to you.

  3. Terry, I love your Earth and Fire Elements pieces and am eager to see Water and Air. Our work is so different and it is interesting to see how we each approach the same subject! I framed my four pieces and they really make a great display hung together. Fire I sold and I made Fire II, which also sold, so I am eager to finish the series again. They are under Recent Work on my website. Hope you'll take a look. Clicking on my name above should take you there.
    Martha Ginn

  4. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Earth is gorgeous! I'm confident you will soon be inspired to do water and air. I've been waiting for you to put sizes and prices on your 'small work' and am now wondering whether you are taking them to the show/sale this weekend.

  5. This is amazing! I see a geyser, or a waterfall for water (moving water). You made the fire dance; I bet you could do the same for water! :)

  6. Frogs and water always go together!