Monday, June 18, 2012

The old with the new

Ray's greenhouse is his happy place. I have to check in every so often to see what's up. I think the last time I posted pictures the entrance looked like this.

There's much more of a jungle view through that glass door these days, and the door, itself, is now painted to match the siding.

I noticed recently that he has hung a few treasures on the upper wall—things we have carried with us for years. Horseshoes. I told him that you are supposed to hang horseshoes with the opening facing upwards, otherwise the good luck empties out the bottom. He didn't care. Pieces of an old iron stove. We found these

on a hike many years ago when we came upon the ruins of an old cabin. The tool at the far end is a log peeler, made for removing the bark from logs. Where did this one come from? I'm not sure, but it is like the ones my family used when we were building our cabin.

The oval plate is an international license plate that we bought for the shiny, new yellow Volkswagon we bought in Germany in 1972 . We spent that summer traveling in Europe in our yellow bug, then we shipped it home. The Oregon plate is the first one we had when we moved to Oregon in 1979. I was happy to find these old fragments of our earlier lives lending their spirit to the new greenhouse.


  1. I love that Ray has been "nesting" in his happy place.

  2. Here in UK there's a superstition that horseshoes have to be hung upside down -- to keep the luck from falling out!

  3. The greenhouse is truly Ray. Can't wait to see what he has growing in the autumn and winter.

    I remember the shiny yellow bug well. That car is in my mind's eye as the car you have always had even though it was long ago replaced. It was a happy bug.