Saturday, June 09, 2012

A week...

has gone by since my last post here. Dang, time flies.Can't say I was too busy to post, though we did have a sick baby this week—our grandson— and did a bit more childcare and support services than a usual week, but still. I just didn't have too much to post about. STASH met on Thursday and we celebrated Gale's birthday.  I posted on my new drawing blog. I am having fun with it and making myself do a bit more drawing than usual. Please join me over there and draw along, or just enjoy the drawings that readers are sending.

I finished the "Air" quilt for the set of "Elements."

"Water" will be the last, but I am still pondering. In the meantime I made a start on my next 12 x 20 piece. The theme is "Myths". I don't want to share too much before the reveal, but I made a challenge for myself to portray draped, striped fabric. I started with a little sketch.

Then I cut into one of my precious pieces of Marcia Derse fabrics to start putting it together. I think it is a good effect. Here is a bit of a preview. Care to guess what it is?

This fabric is so beautiful. My favorite color for sure. I tend to hoard favorite fabrics. It is always hard to make the first cut into something really special. But this was just what was called for here, I think. I needed something fit for a goddess. OK, that's all the hinting I plan to do.

This morning I wandered around the yard while I was waiting for my friend, Jeri to arrive to go to a meeting with me for the Open Studio tour. It was wet out from all the rain, but boy are things blooming. This is my neighbors' Dogwood tree. Astounding.


  1. Terri, your trees are absolutly the best!!! I love this piece!

  2. What an interesting "Air" piece!