Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Ray's greenhouse, which sits near the road always looks a little spooky in the evening when the light is on inside, so Ray thought it needed some Halloween decor. I found a bat pattern and Sofia, Ray and I cut our bats several days ago. I think he has higher aspirations for next year—spiders and black cats and such. It really is the perfect canvas for spooky silhouette art, don't you think?

It finally feels like fall with the rain and cooler temps. The leaves are finally turning.

I love the contrast of that frosty blue-green moss that covers the tree branches, against the gold of the leaves.

Above is our burning bush. It is a major disappointment to me. I envisioned a burning bush like this one.  Ours is more like a blushing bush. Just sort of pinkish.

I was quite eager to get to the studio this morning and get more done on the stripey piece. Overnight I decided the first thing I would do would be to replace the very bright orange piece that really stood out when I saw it on my monitor last night. When I looked at again I changed my mind. It really isn't as hot as it looks in the photos. Something about a photo, especially a cell phone photo that really makes certain colors show up nearly neon. Here is a better version, taken with my good camera, but still a little hotter than real life. Weird.

Another closeup. Someone wanted to see how I am stitching it all down.

I am almost ready to start quilting. That will change it even more.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween. We did not get a single trick or treater. We never do, but I know if I don't buy candy that will be the year they all show up. So now we have a bowl of peanut butter cups to eat. Even my grandchildren were too pooped to trick or treat. Marco was home sick all day today and Sofia partied at school and after school care so hard that she fell asleep in the car on the way home.


  1. Actually I didn't comment on the orange piece because you warned us off! It was kinda floating above the surface but you have solved it and it's grounded again! Good thing I didn't comment, eh? Love this piece, the dyed shirting looks so great!

  2. I love Ray's greenhouse decor! Please tell him I think he should try fun colored lights in there too -- maybe purple or orange. :-) The bats are great. We hung paper bats in our entry hall.

    It's interesting isn't it, how different cameras pick up different colors. Cell phone cameras can be quite dramatic.

  3. My experience os that burning bushes burn best when they have a fair amount of sun.

    Cameras are weird, aren't they? Cell phone ones are great for snapshots, but when you want the real color the big one has to come out and even then things don't always photograph like we see them with our eyes, those wonderful gifts we carry in our heads and take for granted so often.

  4. Yep, that greenhouse is perfect for Halloween fun. :)

  5. You cold do a whole halloween scene in the greenhouse - he's right it would look cool.

    I have two burning bushes within about 15 feet of each other. It seems to take a hard cold snap to turn them. The one near the street turns red much sooner than the one sheltered just a bit more by the houses on each side. And the sheltered one never turns quite as red. The sheltered one is also ever so slightly more shaded, so there could be something with that too.

  6. a friend used these birds in their windows. they looked soooo cool.