Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting ready

Thank goodness for the Open Studio Tour! It has been a needed incentive to clean and organize the studio. The tour will be this Saturday and Sunday. It is supposed to rain both days. I don't much like that idea, but it is October, after all. I'm glad I have a little covered porch on the studio where people can leave drippy umbrellas.

I got a little sign holder that I mounted to the front of the studio for the Open Studio sign. It looks good!

I think I need to make a flag of some kind to hang there for the rest of the year.

These are the brochure/catalogs for the tour. They list all the artists with directions to their studios.  I was really surprised to see that my quilt is on the back cover. The catalog is beautifully done. We have a terrific graphic designer named Joyce Gabriel who is one of the artists and has volunteered her time in producing the signs and catalogs. Very high class, in my opinion.

I have been getting some pieces ready to have for sale.

And making sure the whole place, including the upstairs area looks its best!

I finally even finished the second T-shirt pillow for the other chair.

If you are in the Portland area I hope you will come! It's free. You can find directions and map at the web site. Pick up a guide at my studio and visit as many artists as you like. My friend, Jeri Flom will be sharing my studio. She is bringing her famous spicy brownies, so there's yet another reason to come out!


  1. I wish I lived close enough to come visit! The studio looks great, and I agree, you need a nice sign or flag outside for the rest of the year too. :-)

  2. I can't wait. I'll be there - hopefully right at 11am as long as I can find you okay.

  3. I'm far away in El Paso, but I'd love to come tour your studio. I really admire your work and your down to earth approach! good luck on your open studio this weekend.

  4. I love your t-shirt pillows. What a great idea. I DO wear t-shirts (a lot) but I have a couple that would be wonderful as pillows. Thanks for the idea. Your studio is lovely.