Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I cut it

The fabric. All that shirt fabric that I have been fileting and dyeing and fondling and folding.

For the past two days I have been cutting and sticking (with a glue stick) my stripes onto an interfacing background in preparation for sewing it all together. Surprise. I am not fusing this. I am turning edges and going all out to be experimental and new (to me).

Progress so far.  Hold off on suggestions, please. I am working my way through this and there is still a bunch of stuff to go on here—windows and such, and I see some problematic areas that I need to address. That's why I used a glue stick. I can easily pull it off and replace it with something else before I get to stitching it all down. The sky is stitched. I had to see if my idea of how to stitch it was going to work. This is a fairly small piece and I am seeing that bigger pieces would be great to work on in this way. Lots of pretty teeny pieces in this. But this piece is a tryout.

Some of my goals in trying something different are:
  • to simplify
  • to loosen up
  • to try colors that are not strictly natural, but chosen for aesthetic reasons
  • to choose a subject that is personal and explore it
This is not for a show or to satisfy a theme or a size. It is just for me. I'm kind of excited.

Miles to go.


  1. watching with interest!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Interesting! I'll enjoy watching this progress and hearing your thoughts on the new process. I couldn't see in the photo...how did you stitch the sky? Perhaps you'll share that in a future post.

  3. I'm excited that you're excited! I look forward to more installments. :-)

  4. Oh yes, not only loving what you're doing (the project), but also loving what you're doing (the experimentation)!

  5. Love it!! Love the depth! And fileting...great use of the word!

  6. Cool - Cool - COOL Keep up whatever you're doing because this is really neat

  7. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Love the experiment! - and the subject matter - will be watching for future installments. The colors and textures are fascinating.

  8. Itsn't it great to go down unknown paths? I love the feel of not knowing exactly where I am going, but taking each step as it comes. and if it all works out, great. And if part of it works out, great. And if it doesn't work out, you have learned what doesn't work and you can do it different next time.

    Looks like this one is working out, though. Can't wait to see the next steps.