Monday, January 07, 2013

Light therapy

You know how sometimes you didn't know how sick you were until you feel better? The winter weather here is kind of like that. You don't realize how much the dark and rain gets you down until you get a decent day. I have felt like I took off my sunglasses today and let the sun shine in. It puts a positive spin on almost everything. I felt like I had more energy today and that things were just better than usual and then I realized it was that it had warmed up and it wasn't raining and the sky was—almost blue instead of gray.

I spent a couple hours in the studio putting things away and cleaning up from my newly finished project. Folding and organizing fabric was sort of nice. This stack of fabrics seemed so clear and bright. They made me happy.

I photographed my new piece and it made me happy. Here's a detail.

Marco spent the day with us and he was a cherub. He is generally a happy little guy, but he was in crazy good spirits today. There really was something in the air today.

I walked out to check the mail and the air smelled clean and fresh. Down the road, in the distance, beneath the clouds,  I could see sky. Blue sky? Yeah, I think so.

The weather app on my phone says we'll have rain tomorrow. That's OK. We had a nice break today.


  1. I really like how you took a seemly simple design and expanded with such beautiful stitch details! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love the trees that you stitched in! And it sure is nice knowing that the days are working themselves a little longer each sunrise!

  3. I finally decided to try one of those light therapy devices. I am simply amazed at the difference. Now instead of praying for some sunshine so I can get out of under my own personal gray cloud, I have my sunlight daily and it is making such a huge difference in both my mood and my productivity!

  4. I love this new piece. It is the sun in your life!

  5. Knowing that even a native Northwesterner (Northwester?) feels that way about our winter weather gives me hope.