Friday, October 11, 2013

Color for a new season

When the season changes my color sense seems to change. In the summer I gravitate toward the cooler, watery colors. Now that the weather is cooling I am going for warmth and intensity.

I am working on a new piece. It is, unfortunately one that is for a show that asks that we not post progress or finished posts of the piece until it is either accepted or rejected for the show, but I think I can show you the fabrics and colors I am using.

I am really in a love affair with golden yellows right now. And the perfect foil for that warm yellow is a nice deep, rich blue. Don't you think yellow and blue is a beautiful combination? I do, even though I'm not a great fan of blue in general. Yellow and blue just speak to each other.

(The brown got a little bath in the blue dye too, but it didn't do much to it.)

I promised a photo of the garden art I got at the show/sale last weekend and here it is.

It was the color that attracted me. Isn't it pretty? It is all metal—quite heavy. I asked the guy who made it how the color would hold up outdoors and he assured me that it is powder-coated color with a heavy-duty clear finish over it, and could be left out year-round. There was another garden art vendor with lots of whimsical rusted metal pieces, and it was very popular, but it didn't appeal to me. I wanted the color.

This is our backyard and the globe is visible from inside the house. I think it will be a nice bright spot as the weather grows darker and grayer. The backyard is a work in progress. Ray is eliminating most of the grass, little by little and there are plans for a patio and pathways. Right now the garden is in its final days. The tomatoes went in late and may never get ripe. We are still enjoying the lettuce, but it is all looking a little bedraggled. But I love my new ornament. I can face the winter if I am armed with color.


  1. I just love your new garden art. I thought it was glass. :) Really beautiful. I hope it brings you much joy on a cold winter day. (I personally don't even want to think about winter.) I love blue and yellow together. Our kitchen is yellow with blue accents and is the bright spot in the house during winter. Your new banner is wonderful! Have a fabulous weekend doing whatever makes you happy.

  2. I love your final sentence "I can face the winter if I am armed with colour" and totally agree. The fabrics look yummy and I'm sure you'd do something stunning Terry. I'm currently working on something for a show with the theme "living colour" -surely generic enough for absolutely anyone! and so far I have done something I'm calling 'Mostly About Red' - its detail is on my blog this week - but with greens in progress and other ideas, Red might not even make it to the entry form... I might keep it!

  3. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Your new yard ornament is beautiful. I can see why you were drawn to it.

  4. You globe is delightful! I have a number of different yard ornaments and my favorites are the ones with color.

    The yellow and blue is sure pretty - wish we could see your work. I know the shows like the work to be fresh, but in the real world, only so many people can go see shows. I wonder if seeing things online really does take audience away from their show or somehow make the show 'less'. For the most part art is better 'live', and seeing everyone's pieces all together really does give me a shiver when I walk in, but if I can't get there, the net is wonderful. Why not increase your audience rather than limit it? Rhetorical question. And discussed to death on QuiltArt I'm sure. :)

  5. I'm not usually a yellow fan, but I must admit I like the combo you're working on right now...maybe it's the cooler weather or grey skies that make the warmth of the yellow so appealing.

  6. Anonymous6:36 PM

    You are the best story teller Terry,its what I love about your blog.Thanks for all the wonderful stories. Julie