Thursday, October 03, 2013

Setting it up

Here is my little 8' square sales area for the Celebrate the Gifts Arts Festival. Seems like I have been getting stuff ready for this forever. The show will open tomorrow evening with a reception, then sales all day Saturday and Sunday. I will be in attendance for the whole thing. I have handwork and my new Quilting Arts magazine for the slow times. This is the first time for many, many years that I have been in this kind of show, where I had to set up a display and hang out with it for a couple of days. I pulled out a lot of older quilts that I think might be salable and many were the perfect size to hang on the screens I brought. Speaking of the screens—I noticed that most of the artists seem to have those gridded panels like the ones you can see in the background here. They are pretty versatile and go together in a myriad of ways. They look nice. I hoped my screens weren't too unprofessional looking. Once I got it all together I think I like the screens just fine. I have more quilts hanging on the back side too. The table skirt scheme seems to work. I discovered that I forgot one tote bag filled with small art pieces, so the table looks a little sparse. I will go back tomorrow and take the other pieces.  So wish me luck. If you live nearby I'd love to see you there. Here are the details.


I read this blog post today by Thomas Knauer, who is a quilter and fabric designer and I just loved what he had to say.  He is a wonderful writer. If you haven't yet found his blog I recommend it. Good stuff.


  1. Actually I think your screen looks more professional than the grid. Because it helps to compliment the work.
    All the best!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. I think your screens are perfect, and look so much nicer than the industrial looking metal grids most artists use. They really complement your work, and have an artful feel to them. I have some shoji screens I have thought about using -- but have always worried about their stability in a show setting. Did you do anything to stabilize these (other than the way you angled them)?

    I am a faithful reader of your blog, and love it... but most of all I love your work. And when you refer to another blog, it always becomes a "keeper" for me. Thanks so much!

  3. Your pieces look beautiful. I'm looking forward to hearing about the experience.

  4. Love the aerial landscape makes me feel like I'm flying.

  5. Love the aerial landscape makes me feel like I'm flying.

  6. Terry, your screens are PERFECT! And more importantly, LIGHT...or at least lighter than that horrid gridwall! When I started shows, gridwall was the second thing I tried...and ended up abandoning. Have a fabulous show!