Sunday, February 09, 2014

Digital Drawing Day - Bread


I ended up making two drawings this week. I kept thinking I should go buy a loaf of bread to use for a model then decided I could surely remember what bread looks like! The bread theme got me thinking about textures and surfaces, so I was interested in working on creating a reasonable texture for the cut face of the bread and the smoother, but also interesting surface of the outer crust. I did come up with a pretty nice texture for the bread, using one of the spatter-y kind of brushes, but in the end the drawing was so boring that I decided it was only fit for experimentation, so I tried out some of the Sketch Club filters and settled on this posterizing filter, which did make it considerably more interesting.

Early in the week my granddaughter brought home a lovely, bread-y pretzel that she had made herself, at her after school program and the shiny crust and added salt seemed like a great challenge, so I drew the pretzel and created shine with the airbrush tool and salt with the same spatter-y brush I had used for the bread. Somehow the salt looks almost like glitter more than salt, but overall I was pleased with my results.

iPad, New Trent Arcadia stylus, Sketch Club app


I began this week thinking I would attempt to be more "graphic" -- to use lines and contours and stop mooshing things together like a bad painter.

So much for that thought.

But thinking about the lines made by pencils and pens got me to thinking about other kinds of lines, ones connected with bread.

So I'm thinking of this as "lest we forget..."

Pencil sketch (from internet photo), uploaded to ArtFlow (which accounts for the odd color of the background) and modified, uploaded and traced breadline photo.

ArtFlow, Photoshop, New Trent stylus, Android Note, Wacom desktop tweaks.

Next week's theme: Black and White  - interpret any way you choose


  1. You two are really zooming along with this. they all make me very hungry!

  2. I like seeing your progress and experiments. Not sure we are 'forgetting' though - while we don't specifically have government bread lines, nearly 15% of Oregon households are food insecure. I wish we were in a place that we could forget because it wasn't a problem anymore. :(
    On a lighter note - loved your pic of the frozen creek. How beautiful!

  3. I really like the breadline . I know there is a lot going on here, otherwise, but I just like this