Sunday, February 23, 2014

Digital Drawing Day - Two Domestic Items Having a Conversation

This was an especially fun theme and I think our resulting "paintings" definitely live in the same world!


"Hey, French Press! Long-time-no-see!"

"Oui, Scoopy. Zey barely remove me from ze cupboard zese days. Zey have fallen for Monsieur Coffee."

"Yeah, it's true, sadly. Mr. Coffee is quick and efficient, but his attitude really scalds my beans, if you know what I mean...  But it looks like we have a coffee date this morning. I think the lady of the house has a little crush on you."

"Oui, she has always been partial to my red beret. So, Scoopy, let's give her a cup of ze cafe to remember!"

"You got it! See you after the grind..."

iPad, ArtRage, New Trent Arcadia stylus

After finishing this, I downloaded the "Glaze" app that I have seen Pat Gaignet use and gave my painting the Glaze treatment., so I am including it for comparison.


 "Hello there Red, you look a little wobbly."

"Oh yes, we started early today. And we mixed a bunch of different reds. It's unfortunate. Of course, you'll bear the brunt of it when the spaghetti toppings get thrown at you."

"Oh no, they won't put the toppings into the colander? They wouldn't -- would they?"

"You've never seen what happens when bad cooks starting in on the wine early. Believe me, I've seen everything."

"The last place I was in nothing like that ever happened."

"Wait until they put you in the dishwasher."

"Oh -- is that why you are a bit, um, scratched?"

"Don't mention it. Just don't mention it. OK?"

Art Rage, New Trent Arcadia stylus, tweaked in Photoshop with wacom
Vicki Miller is following us and has posted her own digital work on her blog at:

Take a look!

Next Week's theme, seemed a no-brainer, following this week - "Food" 


  1. You two are funny! I think you need to add creative writing assignments to your digital drawing assignments. Terry, I like the effects of that glaze filter, but I've noticed that things seem to scream, "hey I'm done digitally" when the textures are applied overall. Does the app allow you to use the effects in specific areas? I'd be curious to see what a smudgy Scoopy and French Press look like on the smooth background in the original drawing. June, I like yours a lot this week. Not only is there a little contrast between the styles of the colander and glass, but whatever you've got going on behind the glass reminds be a bit of Braque and his contemporaries (lots of drawings of wine glasses and dinner paraphernalia there) which seems appropriate to your subject. I'd love to see the overlapping shapes and gradations taken even further.

  2. I agree, your conversations are so funny. Terry, your coffee maker is gorgeous. I love the highlights and darks, wonderful. And June's colander is wonderful. I love the way you are getting painterly with these pictures. I am afraid my contribution is a bit boring this week and I am not up to much explanation, sorry as I have been a bit under the weather, but we will see next week!

  3. Very cute idea! And I think your drawings reflect the sense of humor.

  4. You two made my Monday!!!