Saturday, February 15, 2014


It is Valentine's Day for about 15 more minutes, so I thought I better hurry up and wish you all a happy one. I hope it was a great day. Good day here. The grandchildren loved it and were very sweet with their valentines. Marco, 3, had what seemed to be a special one to show me. It was from "Gracie," a little girl he goes to daycare with. My daughter had some wonderful valentines and messages from her students. She is grappling with the fact that she and her fellow teachers here have voted to strike next week. It's a difficult thing, standing up for what you know is right, but important. I feel like there is a lot of public support for the teachers, but there are ugly things being said, as well. They can't let it get to them. She worries about her students most of all.

The impending strike, some heart-wrenching news and the aftermath of our big snow storm have made for a challenging week around here. Good to end it with valentines and love and chocolate.

I have shared my valentines here before. I make them every year and send instead of sending cards at Christmas. I had pegged last weekend for getting the prints made, then putting them all together and addressing them. That would have involved going to FedEx for prints and buying paper and envelopes. I would have had plenty of time to get them in the mail, but it snowed and snowed and snowed last weekend and we didn't leave the house and the valentines didn't get done. They were finished last night and in the mail today. If you are waiting for one, they are coming...

Did I ever tell you that I met Ray the day before Valentines Day, 44 years ago? It was a Friday the 13th. Don't believe what they say about Friday the 13th.

Love, Terry


  1. Beautiful Valentines! Sending Emily courage and the strength to persevere. In the long run, her students will be the winners by having instructors who feel valued and are paid for their hard work. It drives me nuts that those who teach the next generations are paid so low.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you too. I met my hubby on Valentine's Day when he and my cousin borrowed me and my truck to help him move his stuff from the converted garage he was living in to the apartment he and my cousin would share.

  3. Gorgeous, Terry. Happy valentines to you too.

  4. …delightful post and much more "valentine" friendly than you might think...

  5. Great post, Terry. The sun will come out tomorrow...or some tomorrow.

  6. Ray continues to be your best Valentine ever.