Friday, June 13, 2014

Another remodeling project

You might think we are those people who just love to remodel. Not so much, but this old house that we planned to renovate in one swell foop, has ended up being an ongoing process of smaller bites. I think we are nearing the finish line, at least regarding the interior. And this one will have the significant rewards of 1) seeing the last of that baby blue wall color that the house was painted throughout, and 2) the demise of the nasty pink carpet. That means new flooring in the hallway, my office and our bedroom. Be still, my heart!  But you know what that means—all furniture needs to come out of those rooms. Sunday the crew comes to help us move it out. 

Here is the bedroom where the majority of the work will be done. 

Ugh. You can tell how much I just don't like this room by how little attention has been given to it. The bed has been pushed into the corner because of a badly placed window on the left. That window goes away altogether. The old drafty, single-paned window on the right will be replaced with a larger, more efficient window that looks out on the backyard.  We have a nice wide, but not deep, closet on one wall, with access through one narrow door.

All of my clothes are to the right of that door. It may look like you can get in there to find things, but you can't—not deep enough. It's a big problem, that will be addressed. So everything in that closet needs to go somewhere else while the work is going on. So this is what is keeping me busy these days. 

We are planning to sleep in the studio loft while the work is going on. Sofia spent the day with us today and helped me assemble a temporary closet and make the bed in the studio. 

She offered to test the bed and said we should sleep fine there! The next week will consist of some heavy-duty clearing out. A good opportunity to reorganize and get rid of stuff. 

Here we go again—


  1. I feel your pain! At least all my projects are just paint right now. I'm dreading some flooring replacement projects because of all the furniture moving...but I WANT that new flooring! Remodeling never stops, does it?

  2. Oh, my sympathies! I'm doing that too, getting both a condo and a house cleared out for a major downsize. I am already sick of moving stuff, and my poor studio is jammed with stuff I don't know where to put!

  3. I have promised my entire family, that the next move move/clean out will happen with a dumpster parked in the driveway. Easy to just throw stuff into it. I have seen people park the dumpster near second story windows and they just throw everything out and into the dumpster. Saves going up and down stairs.

  4. It will be beautiful when done, but until then, keep a smile on your face. Our exterior remodel is almost done and I am so excited not to have "others" around all day. The interior needs to be done, but I am hoping I can rent a condo in Seaside when that is done. :D (I slept in my studio a few days and it was like being 10 again, until I had to get up. :D)