Saturday, June 21, 2014

First Day of Summer

This is my favorite time of year in Portland—June, that month of extravagant lushness. Green, green, green!  This is our backyard, which is finally getting some attention. Ray created this raised garden last summer, but it came too late for much in the way of food. Mere weeks ago he started getting it going for this season. 

A little rain and sun and, voila—abundance.

I'm so glad Ray loves doing this. Only 4 years ago the backyard looked like this. 

That was the day we planted little trees across the back, hoping to eventually block the view of the neighbor's utility meters and bike and garbage cans. 

It worked. 


  1. What a transformation. :-)

  2. Great yard. Isn't it nice when it works out?

  3. Wow! That looks great! Love that raised bed. And those trees worked wonders for your view. It is amazing to me the difference a bit of yard work does, but how few people seem to actually do anything. Relatively recently we were house shopping and took a peek at some (IMO) expensive houses (mid-$400k). I was appalled at the complete lack of ANY landscaping. Don't people like sitting outside?Having a BBQ? They must all just sit INSIDE and READ Better Homes and Gardens. LOL