Monday, June 16, 2014

Digital drawing Day - Red

Yes, I'm a day late, but I had some fun with this. Yesterday was the day we moved the furniture out of the rooms to be remodeled, followed by Fathers Day barbecue. I didn't have time for this digital drawing nonsense. Then I nearly forgot it altogether until I poured myself a glass of red wine this evening and there was my subject. I drew my glass of wine, then fiddled and fooled with variations that I erased and discarded. At one point I was hurriedly erasing some black lines and noticed that the partially erased lines reminded me of woodblock prints. So I added a layer on top of the original drawing, filled it with black lines, then partially erased them.  So this is my faux woodblock print. 

iPad, Sketch Club app, New Trent Arcadia stylus

Next theme: night


  1. I like the faux woodblock look. and less messy too!
    I am getting to the end of several deadlines, but I am thinking of trying some things using Paint Shop Pro. It would still be digital, so I might play along. My son showed me about layers, so I can do that part. then I can experiment with some of the other tools and options to see what happens. Don't expect miracles! I will have to see if my husband or son have some sort of stylus rather than using the mouse like I do now.

  2. I really like the black line/Wood block print effect!! Sometimes magic happens when we least expect it!

  3. That looks cool! I like the wood block effect.