Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Fine Week

Balancing lots of plates this week, but somehow everything seemed to keep spinning and there were a couple nice surprises in the mix.

These are my two entries for High Fiber Diet's "What's Blue to You?" exhibit. Could they be any more different? I got word this week that both were accepted.

Work continues on the 12x12 book and I think I will meet my self-imposed deadline. It is slow work, but it is coming together.

My lovely Sofia came for a studio day, following swim lessons on Thursday. We made headbands. The red one she is holding was our first try. It turned out OK, but the elastic on the back of her head is uncomfortable. So we came up with a better idea. The one she is wearing and the blue one she is holding turned out much better. I found a wide, softer elastic in my stash of stuff. She sewed long tubes of the fabric and we threaded the elastic through, gathering the fabric onto it, then sewed the ends together. Quick and easy. Good practice at sewing long straight seams and she pronounced them perfect—comfortable and cute. She fills my heart with joy, that girl.

I also got word this week that the segment for the online "Quilt Show" with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson started airing this week. You may remember this post from over a year ago, when it was taped. Though it is a subscription blogcast service, they have made it available for me to allow my friends to watch it for free until August 3. Click on the icon to see it.

You will have to register as a user on the site, but it is free and innocuous.

I haven't had much studio time this week, but managed a couple hours this afternoon and did a couple quick little sewing machine "drawings." I just picked a few bits of foliage on my way to the studio and "drew" from the subjects spontaneously. Drawing, whether with a pen or a sewing machine always has such a more immediate, natural look if you don't plan or sketch it out ahead of time. Maybe if I keep making these little guys, I will build up confidence for such unplanned work on a larger scale

Can you believe we are into the last week of July? Grab summer while you can....

Have a good week.


  1. Your blog is always so inspirational! I'll have to try your headband tips for my five-year-old granddaughter. How I wish we weren't on opposite sides of the USA!

  2. How fortunate you are to have studio time with your granddaughter. You are creating fabulous memories!

  3. I loved seeing your studio and especially your quilts hanging on the walls. Beautiful space, beautiful work.

  4. Terry, thank you for sharing this link to The Quilt Show so we could enjoy this episode free. Free is always good! Your studio is just amazing and your work is so inspiring. I enjoyed the entire show - ready to make hexies, small pieces, and houses. Lots of useful ideas from you - thanks!

  5. You "are" having a fine week. :)
    Not just summer ... where is this whole year going?

  6. Congratulations!!! Sofia gets more adorable with each picture. Her sewing skills and desire to continue on make me so happy (and envious. I am tempted to hang out by the swings at the park to find a kidlet to teach, but fear that won't look good to the local law enforcement.) I noticed this morning that it wasn't blazing sun at 5. The days are getting shorter and time is moving so fast. I can't believe that August is almost here. Have a stupendous week!

  7. Delighted with the small detail of holding the floral spray up with a clamp. I've been drawing for a couple of years, and have been holding it up with my left hand while I draw with the right. The clamp is a much better idea!

  8. Anonymous4:57 AM

    I've been a member of TQS since the start and have read every single one of your blogs so I was thrilled to see you and your studio on the latest TQS show! I loved hearing your voice and following the cameras through your wonderful studio. Julie

  9. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Always lovely and interesting art work. So glad you express yourself in fiber. And your sweet granddaughter - that face just melts the heart. Thanks for sharing, Teri.

    Neame, Vancouver, WA