Wednesday, July 16, 2014

And today...

The Portland SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates) group met at my house. It was really hot here today, but pretty pleasant out in the yard this morning.

We had a great meeting. A few people stayed home because of the heat, but they missed out. It was quite comfortable in the shade and such a great group discussion today. I really like this group. 

After the SAQA crowd departed I got in an afternoon in the studio. Remember how my current work looked yesterday?  Today I began to add more detail, including part of the garden in front of the house. I fused flowers and leaves. 

The fused shapes are giving it more interest. I contined the the stitched "drawing" on top of the added fabric shapes. 

I like where it is going so far.  Not sure if the stitched shadow under the roofline and balcony really work, but I love the little tree and the bougavilla!

Someone asked about the technique. It is pretty straightforward. I am working from my own photo, starting with a rough sketch, then a simple blocking of color, by fusing fabrics. The fused top was layered with felt and a fabric backing, then free-motion stitched on the machine, using two weights of black cotton thread. I sketched in the main shapes with an eraseable pencil, but improvised most of the details. 


  1. I enjoy seeing how this piece comes along - thanks for the explanation !

  2. Yes, I love all the plantings. It really adds a lot of life. I can almost imagine walking up to that house right now.

  3. I like how you build these, and they are so unique and beautiful when finished.