Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Reminder

Awhile back I posted information about The 100, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, that I am participating in. This is a reminder that it is coming up on February 4, and I hope a lot (well, 100) people will donate $100 to buy a piece of fiber art. All of your donation will go to ACS, and you will get a lovely piece of fiber art.

This is my extraordinary sister-in-law, Jamie. Three days after Christmas she died from metastatic breast cancer. While we all know of the many advances that have been made in treating cancer, there are still cancers that do not respond. Hers was one of those. She fought hard, received the best care and the most current treatments and nothing worked. Nothing. I don't have to tell you what we are feeling. Most of you have had your hearts broken, at some point, by cancer in your families, among your friends or those you admired. I don't have to tell you. We all know.

I am donating this small quilt called "Night Windows" for the event. It is approximately 14" x 18"— (that's a guess. I don't want to go out to the studio in the rain tonight to measure it!) I am donating it in honor of both Jamie and my sister Becky, whose cancer was the kind that all that research found effective treatments for and, thankfully, gave her a complete recovery. That's what I want for everyone with cancer!

You can find all the details at Virginia Speigal's website here.

You can see a sampling of the wonderful work being donated at a special Pinterest page here.



  1. Wonderful cause. Thank you for participating. I've been on both sides of cancer, losing near and dear, but surviving myself.

  2. Terry, I'm so sorry for your loss. Your quilt is wonderful and I hope it raises LOTS of money for the cause.

  3. What a wonderful cause for us to support. I am so very sorry for your loss of such a beautiful woman. I am very sorry for all of our losses. And yet, what a wonderful gift for your sister! Your donation is beautiful.

  4. Dear Terry,
    Sorry to hear your sister-in-law is gone. My sister went very quickly one Christmas several years ago. As you say, no need to tell us what you are feeling.
    Love from Sandy in the UK

  5. Terry, Thank you for donating such a wonderful artwork, both in memory of and in honor of those you love.