Monday, January 05, 2015

Last year's word

Since I have shared my word for 2015, someone asked me if these yearly words actually are something that I think about or use after I post them each January, so I thought about my word for last year—yellow. Last year I wrote that I would use yellow to add warmth and hope and light to the world whenever I could. Did I?

My friend June and I started exploring digital drawing and I used a lot of yellow in the drawings we made and shared. I especially liked this little tribute to my favorite little yellow bowl. So much so that I reinterpreted it using fabric.

I thought I would like to wear more yellow, but my closet remains notably deficient in yellow.

I did make a large fabric piece with a big yellow moon and reflected moonlight.

But the way I most noticeably brought more yellow into my life was in painting our bedroom a soft, golden yellow. The former owners of our house had painted every room in the house pale blue. The bedroom was a particularly icy shade and the last of the blue to go. It sounds like a small thing to do—simply paint— but at night the lamplight makes the room glow and the morning sun, even the weak winter sun, wraps me in soft, warm light. I swear I sleep better and wake up happier in a yellow room than I did when it was blue.

Morning view from my bed

Yellow was an odd choice for a word to inspire me for a whole year, I know, but I seemed to delight in all the beautiful yellow I found this year, and I'd think, "there it is—my color!" Imagine how delighted I was to find this in Portugal...





  1. I usually choose a word for the year, too, and they're always some sort of an obligation. Try, or Finish, or my candidate for this year: Patience. (I'm a caregiver for my husband, and I do need to be more patient.) But Yellow, or some other color, is sounding good right now. Maybe I need to be free of an obligation for a year! I spell my word with beads on a piece of ribbon, and sew the ribbon to my car key ring. Dot

    1. Anonymous4:01 AM

      Perhaps keep the word "patience", but remember to be patient with yourself as well.

  2. Your little yellow bowl lives happily and cheerfully on my wall where I see it every day - a cup of yellow sunshine. All year I have collected yellow fabrics for you, but never seem to get them together in a box to mail. Beware the postman! Love, Del