Friday, June 26, 2015

Plaid Fatigue

So, I have these ideas about American landscapes and I made my little test landscape and I used my shirt fabrics because, you know, that's my thing, and that's what I've been using. And the more I have been doing my mental preplanning, the less excited I am. Not about the basic concept, but I am really just kind of burned out on the plaids and stripes. I didn't see that coming, but there it was. Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I had a vision of clean, pure flat color.

I have that. Twenty plus years worth of collecting solid color fabrics.

Most fabric artists don't really love solids. Many say there is just not enough variety available. They probably haven't been collecting long enough. Others just don't like that flatness. I sorted through my solids today. These are the bigger pieces. There is another tub of smaller pieces. I'm a little light on blues—not my favorite color. But I'm leaning toward setting the plaids aside for now and digging into those solids. I noticed I have a lot of white and more pink than I will ever use, so I threw a big chunk of each into my nearly exhausted blue-gray dye pot.

I am smitten with the smoky softness of this formerly pink, now dusky purple and that cool, foggy blue.

So. No fabric has been cut. I am thinking, thinking, thinking. I've made stuff with solids before.

American landscapes. I guess it's not really a new idea.



  1. I believe that people shy away from solids because they require lots of quilting lines that prints take care of with printed line. You do such beautiful quilting that the solids work very well for you. I am sure that the coming pieces will be wonderful and the quietness of the colors will be a wonderful addition to the scene.

  2. The great thing about fabric art, dyed fabrics, and collecting different textiles is that everything old is new again. Just reading a post by a friend who lives in Puerto Rico. She was shooting some of the same items/places she ha previously photographed, and said that things just keep changing. So it is with your art. I am excited to see what landscape you will create. Something loved but new and interesting to you.

  3. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Well,as the old saying goes,"There's nothing new under the sun...". Yet,everyone brings something of themselves to each idea out there and your work is always unique. I'm looking forward to your "new" American landscapes. Julie

  4. There's nothing wrong with solids and often they provide you with just the look that you want. Love the landscapes.