Friday, June 12, 2015

The West

Leaving Texas brought us " home" in a sense. We were back in the West and the landscape took over.

New Mexico took us in and gave us mountains and desert and wide blue skies. Here we reconnected with old friends for a wonderful evening of good food, beautiful surroundings and filling in the years since our last get together. The next day we continued north into Colorado and climbed over the Rockies, crossing and re-crossing the Continental Divide.

We spent a night in Grand Junction, then onward into Utah.

And, at last we closed our first loop as we rolled into Idaho.

These were long driving days, with few stops, but with our glorious west on view through the car windows. After a month away, the mountains and mesas and desert filled my heart. I am a westerner to my bones and shaped in some deep way by this landscape.

We are not home yet, but in familiar territory. We are getting closer and like horses headed for the barn, there is now little to distract us from that goal. One more day...



  1. Every time I travel across the United States I realize how gorgeous is every state, how much beauty there is. And then as I hit homeward into familiar territory, I am reminded how much I love Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Welcome home :)

  2. You have stated my feelingd so well, as you often do. This westerner lived in Ohio for 30 years and now I'm home again inthe Southwest. Those mountains and mesas fill my soul.

  3. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Loved your picture of the Castle Gate (5th from the bottom). I recognized it right away since that's where I grew up.

  4. We really live in a beautiful country, don't we?

  5. What a great series of posts Terry. Being a native Texan, I loved the Texas posts - especially Austin. And yes, our heat is very "special". We do somehow get used to ... we go from a/c building to a/c car to a/c home!

  6. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Thanks for taking us with you. I love to travel around the country and there is much that is beautiful, but I too am "a westerner to my bones" and I'm always glad to be back in the Pacific Northwest.

  7. Thank you so much for the tour! I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts and especially the photos!