Friday, July 17, 2015

Camas Prairie


Finished. The first of what may be many landscapes based on photos from our cross-country trip.

Things I was working to portray:

  • Color — not necessarily realistic color, but color with a kind of richness and sense of the memory of the place. I feel only partially successful with that goal. The sky doesn't entirely work for me. I think my digital sketch below works better. Why did I change it? I felt the sky in the sketch was overwhelming. Now I think the sky in the quilt is underwhelming and the color a little dull.
  • Simplicity — I have a tendency to get hung up on details. I wanted to reduce the scene down to a more essential study of lines and shapes. I am satisfied that I was able to do that and think I can push that further. I went back and forth about including the minor details of fence posts and windows. I'm glad I left them out.
  • Composition — I wanted to keep the out-the-car-window point of view of my photos, so placed the horizon line low, giving the sky a lot of attention. I like that, but I need to put some more thought into the sky I think.

This is my digital sketch, which was a really great way to work out color and composition. It really helped me in simplifying the forms and pull away from the photograph before moving to fabric. This was really a good challenge and now I'm looking forward to the next landscape!

Interesting to me I am noticing the landscapes around my own home territory with a different eye since we got home, especially the skies. It's good to shake things up every so often!




  1. I'm so happy to see this! It feels very recognizably like your work but like a new approach or angle or idea without losing the you-ness (if that makes any sense).

    I too like the more saturated colors of the sky in the sketch, but I think the colors in the land in the quilt are perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this! I think it's very successful, and I agree with you about the sky. I hope this turns into a series.

  3. Anonymous11:27 PM

    I love you latest work

    what size are you making


  4. Anonymous6:55 AM

    I love how you textured the sky fabric with your 'spaghetti block' and crayon. It's a beautiful piece of work.

  5. If no one had seen your sketch they would love this one just as much. Very nice Terry. It has an evocative feeling that draws one in.

    If you were inclined to count this as an experiment, dry brushing fabric paint (opaque?) could change the colors of the sky. But you would probably need to bring some of that down into the land area as well. Just a thought. It's perfectly fine as is.