Sunday, July 05, 2015

Fourth of July

Celebrated to perfection in my opinion, which meant right here. No parades, parks, crowds. Used to do all that and it was fun, but this was even better. I even got a couple hours in the studio before the family arrived for dinner on the deck.

Just watching the kids run through the sprinklers made me feel a little cooler. Then they posed for me in Grandpa's hat.

After everyone left and Ray went off to bed, I sat out on the deck and watched the sky turn from pink to purple, and a few fireworks through the trees. The neighborhood kids were whooping and setting off firecrackers, perfuming the air with that Fourth of July smell of gunpowder. The cat and I sat in the dark and saluted the end of another fine celebration.



  1. Are those pencil marks on your fabrics? Are you doing the lines the same way you do your black lines?