Sunday, March 26, 2006


That stands for School and Community Reuse Action Project.

Yesterday I had two big black trash bags full of fabric that I wanted out of my house. I loaded it up and took it over to SCRAP. SCRAP is a great concept—a place where you can donate anything that could be construed as an art or craft material, which they turn around and sell cheap. It's a wonderful resource for artists and students and teachers.

They have moved since I was there before, but they were easy to spot as I drove down the street toward the store in NE Portland. Isn't this storefront a great contrast to that grey, cold Portland sky?

The inside of the store can only be described as "junky", but if you are willing to look closely, there are treasures to be found.

Lots of odds and ends of tiles.

These barrels had all kinds of odd bits that seem to be donations from manufacturers of one thing or another. Those black things are plastic cubes with one open side.

Here is the fabric department. Looks pretty motley, but I found something really good here. (see below)

And, finally, you didn't think I would come home empty-handed did you? Three yards (really wide) of black linen ($3) and 6 of the little tins seen in the barrel above. (2 for .25) They are good—smooth edges, nice fitting lids. I see many possibilities for storing beads or pins; or travel holders for pills or earrings. I hope I got enough. And the fabric and tins don't even look "scrappy" once you get them home—especially if you pose them next to a vase of camellias.

And just for fun—on the subject of recycling/reuse, check out this dress made from umbrella pelts. (Pelts??—that terminology really amused me)


  1. what a groovy store...i love junk shopping but have to do it in moderation because the stores are often very dusty! And your montster looks like he would have been to heavy to catch you ;)

  2. Oh Terry - I'd have a field day in that store....WOW!!!

  3. We have stores like that here called Scrap Stores. Firms donate stuff and for an annual membership fee which is small schools, clubs, groups etc can help themselves to anything from paper to paint, fabric(often silk from wedding dresses) to fasteners. Its amazing the wonderful things one can find. I've been a member for years.