Monday, April 03, 2006

A beautiful thing

It was beautiful here today, but I was stuck inside most of the day working on hard, crummy, number-crunching kind of work. I walked down the street to my mailbox and laying on the ground right in front of the mailboxes was this beautiful red leaf with little black splotches. It was the only one. I looked all around and could not figure out where it came from. I could see no plant or tree with red leaves like this. It's a mystery leaf. It seemed like a little gift. Thanks.


  1. Must have been your reward for doing the number crunching stuff ;-)! I have not been outside since Friday night. I am at the Claremont in Berkeley. The weather is lousy and no need to leave!

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    This treasure must have found its way to you as an inspiration. The color and its oneness reminded me of many of your pieces.


  3. Looks like its one of those "ummmmm" moments - where it was meant just for YOU and came from nowhere!
    Don't you just LOVE those kind of moments!
    Treasure it!