Monday, April 10, 2006

Illustration Friday - "Speed"

This week's Illustration Friday topic is "Speed". I am demonstrating a lack thereof, by finally posting the one I did for last week's topic, which was "Spring" . I doubt I will get around to doing anything to illustrate speed. Speed seems to be less and less part of my vocabulary.

This a fiber (quilt) piece, continuing my fascination with small size and small subject matter. It is roughly 18 x 22. It is all commercial fabrics, with the exception of the green, leafy fabric in the background. This is a piece that I dyed and silkscreened. On the quiltart list there has been discussion about the relative merits of hand-dyed fabrics vs. commercial fabrics. Personally, I think it is not a contest—whatever works for what you are trying to achieve. I love pattern, especially stripes, so I tend to use a lot of commercial fabrics. Some folks expressed the opinion that hand-dyes and commercial prints don't mix well. I think they work OK in this piece. What do you think?

Birthday aftermath
Thanks to everyone for all the nice birthday wishes. I was really dreading that birthday, but decided the best way to deal, was to announce it to the world and face it head on. As I keep being reminded, getting older is far better than the alternative. I love that my old friend, Carla, reads my blog and comments and I especially loved her birthday comments. She and I were glamorous sorority sisters back in the college years—well maybe not glamorous, but we were pretty cute! Over the years our paths seemed to crisscross as we have moved around. She is suddenly within easy driving distance once again, just "up the road" in Tacoma and I am looking forward to getting together soon. We will bore our husbands silly with our reminiscing about the good old days, though we have now known each other long enough that the husbands are old buddies by now as well.


  1. This is really beautiful Terry!

  2. I love the bird's nest quilt!

    I went to no mail on that list a while back and keep forgetting to re-sub. I think I have a mental block because I've been enjoying the peace and quiet! I think the whole commercial vs. hand-dyed debate is a bit silly. Everyone should use whatever works best for them in each piece and that includes mix 'n' match when needed, IMO.

  3. Egg-sellent, Terry!!!!

  4. Anonymous3:48 PM

    I am in love with the texture in this piece. Brilliant!

  5. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Wow. That's beautiful. I would love to see some of your other pieces for the quilt.

  6. I love your nest, Terry! Great color and detail. And I'm with you-- I so enjoy commercial fabrics and I think it's a skill in and of itself to use them well.

  7. What do I think? OHMYGOSH I gasped, I literally gasped....this is by far my favorite of all you have done lately, and before I read the entire post I was hopelessly in love with the green fabric....sigh! I think I'll have to try some silkscreening, too.....

    I use both commercial and hand-dyed in the same piece often, all depends on what you want, what you need, what is on the shelf, and what needs "amending"..... it's about the picture in your head, not who made the cloth (unless you have to make the cloth to get the picture in your head out of there and onto the wall!)...