Monday, April 24, 2006

Head to toe

And now for something whine-y and self-absorbed...

Did you catch the size of my head in that photo I posted yesterday? I was shocked when I saw it. I have hair issues. My hair is thick and it has a lot of body. That's a good thing you say, and I agree, but it does present some problems too. It's limiting.

See my picture in my profile in the sidebar? That's the haircut I have had, more or less, for the last 40 years. I'm really tired of it. I don't know what to do about it. I have tried out so many different hairdressers over the past two years. I go to them looking for ideas and they just ask how I want my hair cut. I tell them I want something different and they look kind of blank and then give me the same old helmet hair. The last one I tried was recommended by my friend, who had a cute new haircut. I told him I wanted something new and stylish and not old-lady-helmet-hair. He spent our hour together telling me how burned out he was on hair-cutting and how he is getting into real estate. He gave me my same old haircut, except with flippy, wing-y things on the sides that, despite a healthy application of both gel and spray, wilted almost as I was leaving the salon. After paying him a breathtaking sum, he handed me his real estate business card.

I have the feeling that most hairdressers, who are considerably younger than I, don't think women over 50 care what they look like. Well, guess what? We do.

I have been cutting my own hair until I get a better idea. My daughter urged me to grow my bangs out. I have been doing that for about 9 months now and just last week could not stand them hanging in my eyes for one more moment and I chopped them off. (I tried, Emily. I really did. There was no amount of goo that would keep them back) Then yesterday when I saw the giant pumpkin head photo I grabbed the scissors and had at it.

So I'm pretty much back to square one. I left the top a little longer than usual, but it's a small distinction.

Last week on Quiltart they were talking about dyeing fabric with Koolaid. Then it got around to dyeing hair with Koolaid. I expressed an interest in how that might be done and how permanent it would be and I got all kinds of email urging me to try it and send pictures. As if! But some part of me really does want to try it. I'll do anything for a change. Here's a little preview, thanks to the magic of Photoshop.

I think I would want streaks, not a solid coverage, don't you?

And finally, from my head to my toes, I couldn't resist posting this.
My friend, Gerrie Congdon posted this picture on her blog a couple days ago.

We have the same shoes in different colors. They are Keens and they are soooooo comfortable. They have wide toes and the ends are rounded so you have lots of room to wiggle the toes around. I think they are slightly comical looking. They look like toddler shoes to me—very, very LARGE toddler shoes. I hope Gerrie likes hers as much as I like mine. I wear them to walk every day. They honestly do put a little spring in my step.


  1. I like the purple streaks. :-)

    I wonder how it would look if you went with shorter layers on top instead of longer and styled it to add some height to the top?

    (I don't know why I'm chiming in on this...I find a style I like and wear it into the ground!)

  2. Anonymous10:06 PM

    No advice from me -- although I am now braiding my hair instead of pulling it back straight into a clip. Hair is an important part of my image, but I never know what to do with it. But I think Deb is right -- I like the purple streaks. What the hay -- it won't be any easier to streak it next week. Good fun with photoshop, too. I might have to try some Keens. Then the three of us can look at Rauschenberg in our baby shoes. cheers, June

  3. Anonymous6:43 AM

    I have the same hair -- thick, almost white. I've had the same experience asking hair cutters for something new. Perhaps you are right when you say they don't think ladies over 50 care about their hair. A picture of my head is here:

    Christine Thresh

  4. OK! Terry!! It is time to go to a stylist and do something really different. It is only hair and it will grow out. I would spend the big bucks and find someone in portland who can give you a hip, updated, new look! I'll go with you and hold your hand. Of course this is coming from someone whose hair is the total antithesis of your's - fine, mousy gray, dyed red.

  5. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Terry, I would be very, very careful with those scissors. I remember one particularly "good" haircut you gave me.

    My hair problems seem to get progressively worse also. Except, mine has gotten curly and finer. It still is as thick as ever but the curl is a major pain. My hairdresser convinced me that I should grow it out because I would be bald if I kept cutting of the "duck butts." Well, now I have more curl and volume than I ever know what to do with and hairdressers think that I should not go short. What a pain!!! I know exactly what you mean.

  6. I was going to reply to Christine, but no email address and her blog confused me--couldn't find an email address there or how to leave a comment. But it's true--she is my hair twin!


  7. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Terry, your being a bit hard on yourself comparing yourself with a jacolantern and a helmet. You do have cute hair. You're just bored with it.

    If you must try something different, I suggest looking through fashion (or any other) magazines. Make them cut it like a picture that your are fond of. But be warned. The last time I did this, I could not get my hair to stay where it was supposed to be, and I ended up hating it. It took months for me to grow it back to the way it was before.

  8. I love the purple hair and your own clipping looks good. Shapes your face!

  9. Terry, I have the opposite problem - I have very small hair (translation: fine and thin). I am growing it long as part of my plan to be an eccentric old bat (that's for when I get old, natch)

  10. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I feel your pain. Just the other day several co-workers were talking about growing their hair out (they too were getting tired of the helmut head) and it occurred to me that I have been trying and trying to grow my hair. Problem is it doesn't get long--it gets BIG. Then when I realize that I am frightening children and small animals as I block out the sun, I stomp back into the hairdresser and tell her, "Nevermind how its cut--just take about 7 pounds off!"