Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday, Monday

It has been a lazy morning. I am recovering from some kind of brief flu-ish sort of thing. Feeling much better this morning, but lacking energy and ambition. Ibuprofen and comfy clothes are the order of the day.

I've been thinking about how you quit seeing things that are right in front of you when you look at them long enough. I have had these little pillows for years. I made the two bargello ones probably 25 years ago in a fit of needlepointing. I made the other from a Ginny Beyer fabric that I liked at least 15 years ago. They are all small and relatively hard and the needlepoint is getting quite threadbare and you can see the canvas through it at this point. The photo is flattering. They are actually rattier in person.

My sweet sister-in-law, Brenda, may have noticed the tired condition of my pillows because she brought me this beautiful pillow when they came to visit this summer. It was designed by a designer named Janie Gross who has a line of pillows based on dried flowers. It looks so good (see how cleverly it relates to the lamp?) that I decided the old, tired pillows had to go.

Here is another new pillow, with a larger, squishier size and a brighter look. I made this one from a placemat that I bought at CostPlus. I just love the paisley pattern. I opened the seam on one end and stuffed fiberfil between the front and the back, then sewed it closed again.

I know, changing pillows in the living room is not a big deal, but it reminds me that change is good for the creative spirit. That little shock of seeing things for what they have become and not what you remember them to be reminds me to actually see what I'm looking at.


  1. You are sooooo right! Exceot with me it's not ratty cushions - it's a coffee cup that's been on the floor by the couch for 3 days!

  2. And the jeans I spent 15 minutes looking for.

    That were on top of the dresser, folded nicely, waiting to be put away.

    Not in the drawer that I kept rummaging through!

    I always want this kind of change with each seasonal cycle. When nature changes her decor, maybe we should follow suit.

  3. I just love that flower pillow. I make pillows out of placemats, too. They are so easy and you don't feel guilty changing them out every season.

  4. It seems like there is a bug going around, since so many bloggers are ill. Hope you get to feeling better soon. It is amazing how a change in pillows can change a mood, and a room, doesn't it? I think it is those little things that count.

  5. It seems that you've come "full circle" too in rediscovering your old handiwork in a new light.

    All your creations are just so, so lovely, past and present.