Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This has got to be a little disappointing

One of the neat things about the site meter that is at the bottom of this page, is that it will tell you, among other things, on what site visitors to my blog, found the link to my blog. If a search engine, like Google, brought them to me, I can see what they were searching for that brought up the link to me.

The most common search that brings up my blog is for "Reiko Yamaguchi". You may remember that a neighbor gave me a book by Japanese Quiltmaker Reiko Yamaguchi.

Well, it turns out there is also a Japanese porn star by the same name and there are many, many links to sites featuring that Reiko Yamaguchi. I imagine my site about quilting is not exactly what most of the folks Googling Reiko are looking for.

Probably the second most common search, and this is just plain peculiar BTW, is for "clog wearer". Last spring I showed pictures taken at the Garden Show where we sold garden art. Included was this photo of footwear seen at the garden show.

The red clogs in the lower right corner are mine and those are my feet. This entry got me listed as a "clog wearer" on a site that is all about, well, clogs. See my name at the very bottom of the list? Who knew?

P.S. OK, this is pretty funny. (Or sad) Three hours after posting the above, I just checked the site meter page again. Someone just found my blog by Googling "Japanese Porn." Google sure works fast doesn't it? I'm amazed.


  1. I had no idea you lead such an interesting life. What a laugh. At least they are visiting your blog and wondering how they got there.

  2. Oh my! I guess you have to be super careful what you say on your blog. On the other hand, we can talk about porn, and get try to convert those people to get a more appropriate hobby.

  3. The most common search that leads people to my blog is "misty fuse." Esterita should send me some free samples!

  4. Anonymous7:33 PM

    guilt by association, doncha know? cheers, June

  5. That always frightens me when i see some weird search. that ends up on my sitemeter. I guess I block it out, or just don't want to think how many people out there are searching out porn and such. When i just want "pretty little flowers and quilt" photography and such. I think I am glad that I don't think about that too much, or it would make me crazy.

  6. well I found you through the random button on Artful Quilters !
    How sad that such bizarre people are finding your lovely site. Can we perhaps hope that they might take the time to actually read and appreciate some of it? Nah ... I didn't think so either

  7. I hope it makes you feel a little better that I came to your blog via a comment you left on kristin´s and like coming here to look at quilts.. not porn or clogs.. ha ha ha