Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"And as the sun sinks on the horizon . . .

we bid a fond farewell to America's Paradise. . ."

Remember the old newsreels that they showed at the movies? Seems like there was always a travel feature that ended with a sunset shot and that "fond farewell". (What are "newsreels" you youngsters ask--sorry, I guess I am dating myself--explanation here)

Anyway, tonight we are bidding our fond farewells and will head out early in the morning. I am quite ready to get home and back into the swing. I have really enjoyed the time here, but there is something too unreal about this tropical island life. I guess I haven't perfected that laid back island attitude, Mon, though I did almost get used to driving on the left.
Here's the last sunset from our balcony.

See ya back in Oregon.

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