Saturday, October 21, 2006

Water Island

This morning Ray looked at my blog and he said, "Hmm. No comments. Well, you can only show people so many vacation photos before their eyes start to glaze over!" Yeah, well, I hope you can stand a few more.

This afternoon three couples of us took the ferry to Water Island which is just across the harbor from Charlotte Amalie. About the first thing we saw was the Water Island library/post office, above.
We walked about a quarter of a mile to a beautiful little beach where there were lots of boats. There was also the kind of mobile kitchen wagon that you usually see selling hot dogs or fast food. This one is equipped to provide restaurant-style fare on the beach. As soon as we arrived we could smell roasting garlic and our mouths began to water. We placed our orders for steak with garlic-roasted potatoes and Ceasar salad which was served at picnic tables on the beach. We brought several bottles of wine along and as we ate we watched the sunset over the water. I took the first picture when I thought it was at its most beautiful. Then it got better.
When the sun was finally gone we saw a cruise ship, lighted up like a Christmas tree, slip past in the distance and the lights come on on St. Thomas just across the harbor.


  1. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Tell Ray it's jealousy, not glazing, that causes the silences -- and tales of steak and salad and sunsets don't alleviate the symptoms.

    There's more than one reason we want you to come back to Portland snort.

  2. Oh, I agree with June! Actually we have had two gorgeous days and we have been out and about. For most of today, I coudn't get to blogspot blogs - don't know why, but it seems to be up and running now. BTW, that sunset photo is stunning.

  3. Steak, garlic potatoes, salad, wine and amazing sunset -- what can be said?

  4. Ray, we'll show you, you big meanie!! Terry's up to three comments already :) What a lovely sunset. And, OK, I'll admit a twinge of jealousy!

  5. I have been enjoying the photos!

  6. Oh, Terry - I've *so* been enjoying the photos!
    Just green with envy back here in chilly PDX...

  7. I was not able to log on to blogger for hours yesterday and when I did I left no comments due to slow response.

    Great photos. The sun sets are outstanding! I love the clouds. Dinner on the beach is a favorite of mine.

  8. Ray underestimates your readers' capacity for drooling over vacation pictures - especially if they are as well done as yours. Keep'em coming.