Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the biggest cities in the world. You would never know it from this picture taken from our hotel room. It is early morning, before the traffic gets really bad and the police with their whistles start in and the organ grinder guy on the corner gets going and the taxis start honking and honking and honking, and the sirens and car alarms try to outshout each other. Mexico is a very noisy country.
Mexico City is a little scary. It is vast and teeming and smoggy. See that green and white Volkswagon taxi? We were warned to never take one of those. They have been implicated in kidnappings of tourists and other unsavory practices, but you see them all over the city. You hold on tight to things in Mexico City and you watch either other's backs.

But . . .

You go to Mexico City if you want to see lovely bronze ladies carrying candles in glorious churches and Diego Rivera murals, Frida's house and the most charming candy store (dulceria) ever. That's Ray, with his back to us, waiting to purchases his "dulces".

You take the bitter with the sweet in Mexico City.

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  1. I've read about Mexico City - it's hard for someone in a country with only 4 million people in total to picture a city of over 25 million that spreads for miles and miles. Lots of photos please!