Monday, February 26, 2007


Sometime in the next few weeks our first grandchild will be born. This is my daughter, Emily and her husband Carlos. They just came from a "birthing" class. Carlos is a little frustrated with trying to understand all of the instructions to expectant fathers, delivered in English which is not his first language, and Emily is energized and a little breathless. "Tell him not to worry," Emily says, and we tell him. All he really has to do is to be there, and we know he can handle that. We are all getting ready. I remember what it was like when I was waiting for this lovely child to be born, and her brother before her. Exciting, terrifying.
I am happy for Emily and Carlos. They don't yet know exactly how completely their lives will change, but they are ready. I try to imagine this baby (a girl—we know that) and the years ahead, but it is all still a sweet mystery. I focus on that and refuse to worry about the impending birth. (but you know I can't help myself—I worry a little)
And so, we wait.


  1. Terry!!!!! this is so exciting-and you know it's a girl already-yipee! I'm overrun with males around the McDonald household so the thought of little girls is too sweet for words. Blessings on Emily & Carlos.

  2. We are anxiously awaiting your news. Our love to all of you.

  3. I am called GG [maybe GeeGee?] by my granddaughter, its for her great-grandmother, can't get her to change it, so I changed MY thinking to great-wonderful-fun-laughing grandma.

    Watch out, the babies these days are smart!

  4. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Cayo looks so cute in this photo!! Your life will change, too!!

  5. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Cayo may look cute, but this isn't the most flattering picture of me. Leave it to mom to take a picture of me sweaty and tired with my hair up in a haphazard ponytail and think it looks great. Will I do that to my little one? I'm sure I will.