Thursday, February 01, 2007

What goes around comes around

I really enjoy the blogs that are all about design, like sfgirlbybay, design*sponge and my favorite print & pattern. The new design trends are all about pattern, which I have always loved. Vintage stuff from all the decades seems to be very hot right now. I confess I can't really get too excited about a lot of the '60s and '70s inspired stuff, because I lived through those eras and have been trying to rid myself of that look for years! But something that kind of caught my eye are the crisp, graphic black and white patterns that I have been seeing. Always loved crisp, graphic black and white.

In 1970 I bought a second hand wing chair and recovered it in a black and white print. I was working on it at the time I met Ray. He still talks about how impressed he was that I was actually recovering this old chair. Sometimes I think he married me for my upholstery skills. Here is the chair, and that is me, in 1970. Pretty crazy, huh?

It looked great with my white painted vintage coffee table and red sofa. We wore that fabric out and then I reupholstered it in bright yellow. I still have the chair and it has been through many incarnations over the past 37 years.

Now I am seeing brand new things like these:

And this great tray from Marimekko:

Don't these look like they belong with my old chair? I was either ahead of my time, or it is true that everything old really is new again.


  1. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Like you, I can't get too pumped about the 60's and 70's--hardly a fashion zenith. But it's funny you mention Marimekko, since I had noticed a re-emergence of that brand/style. Talk about a blast from the past ...

    And speaking of black and white: your follicles seem to have heard the news too! (As have my own.)

  2. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I was walking through Macy's and saw fabulous black and white print dishes. I am lusting for them.

  3. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Perhaps it's time to recover the chair in black & white... again. LOL I love black & white and had a black, white & red bedroom in the 70's. :)
    ~Erin in NV

  4. Hi Terri-I am right now working on black and white design---love that look, also! and it was fun to see a younger you in that chair! do you still have the chair?
    I also like the Print & Pattern website (and design Sponge..)

  5. Hi, terry. I posted a comment a little way down under "Dads." I didn't know whether you'd be going back in time to check your old posts.

  6. For some reason, this essay made me think of the divine Audrey Hepburn who was always a class act in black (and white).

    Love the chair and the vintage you! As another reader mentions, the brunettes have turned white so I guess we're really "in".

    Good luck with your decorating! BTW, love the Ecuador Blog :>) Beautiful pics, beautiful family.