Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Life goes on

We have been in a fog for the last two weeks, entirely focused on our daughter and her labor and delivery and our sweet, sweet granddaughter. We are gradually rejoining the real world, but a shift of major proportions has occurred and life, as we knew it, will not be the same. We are, once again, a family of three generations. We all take a step forward into new roles and we expand the circle of our family lovingly around Sofia and life goes on, even better than before.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Yesterday I started cutting out polka dots.

The polka dots have been rolling around the back of my mind for the past week. Just as I was dozing off at night, there they'd be. A departure from my usual visions and hallucinations. Here's what I have at the end of the day today. There will be more. Check back.

I am blogging with a handicap tonight and I apologize if these pictures are not so good. My monitor conked out this morning. It has been threatening, but today was the day. It is still under warranty, but I had to send it back and they will send me a new one. Tonight I am using my old monitor, which is blurry and dark. Bad conditons for preparing photos. I feel like I am viewing them through tinted glasses that are the wrong prescription.


  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Oh, you are into the circle thing too! This would make a nice companion piece to my Pathways. Bring this tomorrow!!

    Love the sentiment of the circle of family around Sofia. Could you bring her tomorrow, too. Emily wouldn't mind, right?

  2. Terry,

    She is a beauty. Congrats, Grandma.
    Can't wait till I get one.

    Elaine Millar