Friday, June 01, 2007

Dealing with the magazines

I have this thing about magazines. I sort of love them. "Sort of" because I am still in search of the ultimate excellent magazine. I get a lot of magazines and I have them piling up at alarming rates all over my house and I am loathe to part with them in many instances. My sewing room, where I am currently getting my act together, houses collections of magazines. This is my collection of every Threads magazine, starting with the first issue and ending with the February 2007 issue. That will be the last because I am not resubscribing. But I am keeping them, especially the first 10 years worth. (I talked about my relationship with Threads here) This would look better if all the magazine boxes matched, but all in all I am thinking this looks pretty good.

The next collection to be dealt with were years' worth of Piecework magazines. I ended up with lots of duplicates to make matters worse. They are beautiful magazines, but I haven't looked at them in years, nor have I bought one in years. Do you want them? Good news, if you do. I just listed all of these on eBay this afternoon. (Search on "Piecework magazine" and find the 5 listings from terryinportland.) Ahhh, that decision felt good! I am thinking of more things to put on eBay.

Each of the first three stacks of twelve magazines represent 2 years' worth. The last two are odd lots. The duplicate issues you see on the top of those two stacks are the number 1 issue from April, 1993. Those ought to be worth something.

I think it would be great to work for a magazine. I did, in fact, design magazines for a number of years. They were the magazines for the National Psoriasis Foundation and I really did enjoy that, but the subject matter was not as visually appealing as I would have liked, as you might imagine. This was the most glamorous issue I ever worked on with Miss Hawaii on page 1.

I subscribed to Quilters Newsletter magazine for years, but grew bored with it. I buy Quilting Arts from time to time, but find it disappointing in many ways. I don't like it as well as a lot of folks seem to. Too much over-the-top technique and embellishment and not enough good design. I like Fiberarts. My favorite new (to me) magazine is American Style. I subscribed about 8 months ago and so far I can't part with a single issue. Uh oh.

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  1. You are definetly more magazine-nuts than I am. When I get overwhelmed with the mags, I ask myself, how would I ever find this article again if I really wanted it? Yes, I know that there are magazine indexes, but....sometimes it pays to keep the whole magazine if it is eye candy. Sometimes I just take out the article and file it where I WILL really be able to find it again.