Sunday, June 24, 2007

More little treasures

Regarding the comments left about yesterday's treasures, Suzi I am astounded that your grandmother "in darkest Africa" had the same little Coke bottles that I had. She clearly thought they were treasures as well. Jane Ann, I don't remember what the dangly thing on the Brownie pin was for either, but like you, I'm pretty sure it was added at some point for some reason or accomplishment.
This rhinestone butterfly is also in the treasure box. It was in my grandmother's sewing box. It's a little more than 3" across and I have no idea what it came from. It is not jewelry. It is somewhat flexible. Grandma was an awesome seamstress who made all her finely tailored clothes and she loved all things flashy and gaudy. This may have been on a little clutch bag, or a hat or an evening dress. It has a very flapperish vibe I imagine, but I can't really guess at its age.
Two campaign buttons from different eras. I don't remember how I came by them, but have had them forever. I remember when Goldwater ran, but Roosevelt and Wallace were way before my time.

A soapstone marker. My Dad always had them in his pockets. After he died I picked this one up off his dresser and carried it around in my coat pocket for awhile. It's a nice thing to find in a pocket—cool and smooth.
Reva mentioned her charm bracelet. This charm bracelet was the chronicle of my High School years—activities, vacations (Seattle Space Needle and New Mexico turquoise) emblems of organizations (Girl Scouts, Jobs Daughters, MYF, Honor Society). One silver disk proclaims "A Date to Remember" and the date 12-5-64 is engraved on it. I have no memory of its significance.


  1. Could that have been the AOII Founders Day Dinner Dance?

  2. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I have similar treasures - some cool campaign buttons and jewelry from Steve's mom. Stephanie has my charm bracelet!

  3. This is such a great idea. I think I'm going to do it at my place!

  4. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I still have my charm bracelet, and it is full of the charms that you gave me!

  5. Once again, a collage of personal treasures which awakens the soul. Am I waxing poetic? It's just because you have such an eye for beauty, finding it in the most common places.

    Thanks for sharing your special treasures. When I have a moment, I'll try to do the same. Love the special item from your dad's pocket. Isn't it the best?