Monday, June 25, 2007

Littles—waste not, want not

Brrraaaaa! I am shaking off that fit of nostalgia that I have indulged in here for the last few days and getting on to things going on in the here and now.
The other day when I had lunch with Gerrie and June, Gerrie was talking about a project that someone was trying to engage her in whereby you make a small block every day for a year that relates to what is happening in your life. We all agreed this was daunting and not something any of us were about to do. But it got me thinking. I have also been reading about folks making tiny, tiny little pieces of art, like an inch square. Also something I'm not going to do. But—still thinking, I'm noticing all the bits and scraps laying around my cutting table and being tossed into the trash, including a bunch of the dots from the layer piece, and all this thinking is beginning to gel into maybe something.

What if, I wonder, as I'm going along making other stuff, I use up scraps and snips of each current project to make some little 2" pieces. I'll stick them in a little box and at some point when there are a lot (optimistic!) I will do something with them. Maybe they will all go together into some mosaic-y piece, or maybe they will work better divided up for different pieces or maybe they will just get added to other pieces. Sonji has her bundles, maybe I will find equally spectacular uses for my "littles". Or maybe not. Six of them make a swell postcard if nothing else works.

So—ta da! My first batch of littles. Can you spot the piece of fabric that had the crow's egg cut out of it?


  1. Anonymous11:37 PM

    They are so cute! I could see them linked together to form a loose curtain that would look particularly nice in a mid-century home (not that I'm inviting Gerrie to put any pressure on you or anything...).

  2. Neat idea Terry-I've seen some of those inchies. They're cute the way they are but I bet you could do something spectacular with them.

  3. I don't think that I'll make anything as small as an inch, but more and more I'm realizing that my personality is suited to making small things. I need the feeling of finishing and accomplishment.

    Plus, when I grow flowers, I enjoy the small ones best, I enjoy very small vases with very small bouquets.

    So I guess it is just me. Maybe because I'm so tall.

    So I need to give in to smallness more often!

  4. very cute. they would also look great glued onto the front of a folded piece of colourful handmade paper, as a greeting card.My daughter often makes me packs of these cards as gifts, and i find them so useful. See the urban cowboy link, they are doing something similar in sudan (but not with such nice fabric appliques).

  5. This is a great idea Terry. I was thinking of doing somehting like this with the teeny tiny scraps that would otherwise be thrown away.

  6. Terry - In case you are not familiar with the work of Jeanne Williamson, here is the URL for her weekly/monthly quilts. I believe she is the person who originated this idea. Del

  7. They are lovely -- and I have the feeling that you will have plenty of them to play with, arrange, and otherwise group in no time. I really like the idea of lots of small pieces grouped together this way -- oh, my, just what I need, more ideas!!!!

  8. Some friends made block-a-day quilts last year, each block related to the events of the day. Here is a link to One A Day (others follow in the quilt show set).

  9. I love your little blocks! I can tell they're going to be part of something wonderful someday.

    I tried to do a block-a-day quilt last year. I called it my "dear diary" quilt. Needless to say, I didn't even make it to the halfway point. It took way too long to design and make each one.