Monday, September 24, 2007


Holy Moly. This is my 400th blog post. Seems like a good time to ponder the whole blogging thing. Some things I have been thinking about:

Obligation:: I keep reading blogs where the author says things like, "I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in awhile," or "I'm such a bad blogger..." as if they are letting someone down or shirking their responsibilities. Is someone complaining? If so, shame on the complainer. Blogs are personal diaries that the blogger graciously allows others to read. Bloggers owe the readers nothing, in my opinion. Until I start getting paid to write this blog I won't feel obligated to follow a regular schedule or produce words on demand and I'll never expect that of any other blogger. I'm happy when people read what I've written and I enjoy writing it. If it stops being enjoyable I'll probably stop doing it.

That said, there are
Things I wonder about:: Gerrie and I were discussing this while we worked at the Japanese Garden the other day. Why does anyone start a blog by saying something like, "well, I guess I will follow the crowd and start me a blog," then they invite everyone to come and look at their blog and then they never add another post, or post every 6 months at the most? Do they really want a blog or think it is something they "should" do to keep up? Obligation again?

I also wonder why people start anonymous blogs, where they use a cryptic pseudonym, post no pictures of themselves, refer to their family members as "boy," "girl," "man," etc. I'm not saying it's not OK to do this, but just something I don't understand and makes me wonder if they're in the witness protection program or hiding from the feds. Paranoid?

Comments:: I know approximately how many people look at this blog per day. Only a tiny percentage ever leave a comment. I think there are people who know me who are reading. I know you are there because sometimes you'll say something like, "did you ever finish your journal quilt" when I see you at a meeting. How'd you know about my journal quilt? Had to be the blog. One day a clerk in a quilt shop said to me, "How's your adorable granddaughter—Sofia, is it?" I was bewildered, sure I hadn't talked to this woman in over a year and wondered how she knew about my granddaughter. Had to be the blog. Most curious of all is when I can see that someone has found my blog by googling my name. Yes, I can see that! And I can usually also see what city you are in. Who are you? An old boyfriend? Someone I went to camp with? Someone I owe money to? Or maybe just someone looking for another Terry Grant. So I'm just saying, I'm glad you're out there and reading and it would please me no end if you'd leave a little "howdy" in the comments every once in awhile.


  1. Terry, I am one of your followers - and have really enjoyed your tour of the city and your progress on your Garden Girl.

    About blogs - I agree with you about the no obligation part - although sometimes if you are part of a webring, then there is an obligation, since people click on your blog just to see that you haven't made any new posts. I blog everday or almost for myself, so no problems there.

    Privacy - yes I have to admit to nicknaming people whose names are easily distinguishable - for their privacy. Plus there are things said on my blog that I don't want "bad people" to know about. What if someone figures out where I live and wants that postcard I just finished? Mostly though I feel strange about people I know reading my blog and me not knowing what they know. I don't mind telling strangers my innermost thoughts, but it is different when it is someone you know.

  2. Hi Terry, I "know" you from QA which I read regularly until a month ago. I'm pausing on that because of a number of out of town family obligations. But I follow a few blogs that post pictures and quilty stuff that appeals to me.

    My blog was going to be about quilty stuff, but I've put more nature photos there than anything else.

    I don't put my real name because I may be only one of two with that name in the US. People who need to know my name already know it.

  3. Happy 400th, Terry!
    I admit it. I read your blog regularly. Your granddaughter is darling. I love your work! I seldom post a comment because the ten people who commented before me said all of the "clever" things that first came to mind. But your blog is a delight and I thank you for it.

    I think most creative people love to share what they've done, whether writing, or painting, or stitching...That's why I started my blog. But then it became an obligation. Starting is always the easy part.

  4. Howdy! As you know, I read your blog regularly and appreciate the time and energy you and others take to share your creative process. I always look at a new posting as a letter in the mail - a gift. So thank you for all the treasures of inspiration, for sharing my favorite city, and the pics of beautiful Sofia. Cheers.

  5. I agree. We can't beat people up for not posting regularly, but we can thank those that do!!! So, THANK YOU! Your blog is a delight. One of my favorites.

  6. Terry - I read your blog and admire your work, your photography and your lovely grandgirl. I don't understand why you need comments. Especially if you do the blog tracking business and know how many readers you have and even where you live. When I comment on a blog I feel that I am sending a message in a bottle - odds are good that I will never hear back from the person who blogs. I suppose I post comments because it makes me feel that I am sort of conversing with someone. And I know that favorable comments can make someone's day.

  7. "...know where THEY live."
    Sorry about that!

  8. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I'm another lurker---reading your blog pretty regularly, but never posting. I'm a quilter and stumbled across Kristin La Flamme's blog (which I really like), which led me to Gerri's (I'm not so much into dying, but still check it regularly), which in turn led me to yours. I like your anecdotes from the past (e.g., your sewing machine store job) and your personality. You're blog is a good read!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I read your blog almost every day I'm at work - I don't have a lot to do at work and I have about 50 blogs I really like and yours is one of them. And...Sophia is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I read your blog regularly as well! I "know" you from QA. I agree about the obligatory part - there are already too many obligations and responsibilities in life - but I have to admit that I too appreciate comments - stats are well & good (I like them too) but someone that takes the time to send a note means they must really like something I said, or a picture I posted - and I have "met" some great people that way !

  11. Terry, some interesting questions you pose. I have to agree I don't understand the "obligation" to post -- other than an obligation to oneself. For me, I'm still amazed I'm posting regularly after 6 months. It's the longest I've ever managed to maintain a journal of any sort.

    As for the "cryptic" posting. Um, guilty as charged to an extent. I can't speak for anyone else but for me, my "blog" name is actually part of my e-mail address. I've been using it online for so long (almost 10 years now --eeek) it's almost like another "nickname" for me. But, I don't advertise my last name or the names of my family members for privacy reasons. Which is weird since I am posting on the WORLD Wide Web. But, hey, holding an electronic conversation is a bit different than letting people know where they can find my home address. I also have taught for long enough to have, um, upset, some of my former students. There are one or two that I would not want to be able to find my home (at least one who did manage to track down my home phone number even though it was unpublished at the university to avoid this -- and he was also mentally unstable) and I've met these folks in person -- so, a bit of caution is not a bad thing. For a lot of people, that is the reason for the caution -- more just an additional layer of bother before some weird stalker types can find you rather than being in the witness protection program.

    As for photos -- well, hey, I really HATE photos of myself -- though the one that will attach to this comment is me. Of course, I'm no longer somewhere between the ages of 3 and 5 but still :0).

    And as for comments -- love your blog and seeing your corner of the Pacific NW -- thanks for blogging!

  12. I agree that there should be no obligation to write in a blog. I write when I feel like it which happens to be most days but don't feel obliged. Privacy is quite an issue but I don't worry much yet. I guess I'll wait until something happens. I don't publish pictures of people without their permission though.

  13. Hi! I'm one of your faithful readers. :) I live in South Korea due to hubby being in the military. I keep a blog as well. I have psuedo names for my kiddos as there are some crazy people out there. I just recently had a woman contact the heck did she find me here of all places??!!! Anyway, I enjoy reading all about your day to day life. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  14. I check your blog every day. You have a wonderful mix of words and pictures and it is always interesting.
    I am fairly new at blogging (July, 07) but I do post every day. I have several friends who live a distance from me and they look forward to a peek into my life and what I am doing and it is the bright part of their day (so they tell me). I don't feel obligated to blog, I enjoy it and make time for it.
    I really like getting comments too. I know I have readers, but a little compliment or opinion or any type comment now and then really perks me up. It's like a friend smiling, waving, or saying "Hi".

  15. Just dropping in to say Howdy! I catch your blog on a regular basis ... thanks to bloglines. Thanks for your daily updates!

  16. A truly fine and splendid rant. As long as you've started it, let me add that I don't understand why anyone posts each week their entire MENU for the week for crying out loud. Who CARES what someone else is making for dinner every night?

  17. Count me as another of your regular readers. I usually make a comment or two on the blogs I frequent. I dont expect a reply to a comment but I know that I like to get them therefore I try to leave a bit of a hello. As for obligation to blog, well, no I probably would not do this if I felt like it was something I was required to be doing! I dont have a photo on my blog of me simply because I have not gotten around to it yet. my whole name is on the blog too. But I do understand the desire for anonymous posting for some people, after all the world can indeed be a crazy place.

  18. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Okay, Terry, here's a little howdy from California! I've been following your work through the QA list for quite a while, and I've enjoyed keeping up with your blog. I was in the Portland area last month, setting up a longarm machine for a customer, and I fell in love with the area! Thanks for posting more about your beautiful city.

  19. howdy!
    i am a lurker who enjoys your blog frequently...

  20. Anonymous9:46 PM

    i read every other day or so. I like your work. i'm not your old boyfriend :-).

  21. Hiya! You know, it never occurred to me that it was sort of rude to read your blog often and not comment. Your work (and your thoughts) are a source of inspiration to me and I check back for more all the time. With a son in high school and a full time job, I don't have as much time as I'd like to create, but I'm saving up ideas for when my son is grown and I'm retired. I usually don't make comments on people's blogs because I don't have as much to offer, creatively, but you definitely deserve admiration (which you had, but not in written form) for what you do. I will make a point of it, because you are giving me wonderful things all the time. Thank you so very much!

    (And, atta girl!)


  22. Anonymous10:30 AM

    It's Mar, one of your Iota Alpha AOPi sisters who loves reading your varied topics. Keeping up with a cherished friend is a real pleasure.