Wednesday, September 05, 2007

If it's Wednesday it must be Sofia

Now that Emily has started back to work Sofia is going to daycare, except on Wednesdays when she spends the day with us. I haven't posted a picture in awhile. She is five months old now and changing almost daily it seems. She had a nice surprise for us this morning—her first tooth. A tiny little sharp point along her bottom gum. Pretty exciting!
She is such a good-natured little person. What a joy it is to spend this time with her.
By the way, she did not win the Evenflo contest, but we all thank you for your votes.
Visited the house again today. We are getting close to a decision. One of the nice things about it, besides the woods and creek, is that it is only about two or three miles from Sofia's house. It is in Beaverton, which is a suburb of Portland. I used to declare great distaste for Beaverton, which seemed like the automobile capitol of Oregon—many, many dealerships along the long main commercial street and unbelievably horrible traffic. Then Emily and Cayo moved to Beaverton and we discovered the outer edges where there are wide shady streets and big trees and rolling hills and walking paths and parks. The house we are looking at is on Cooper Mountain—a suburban/country mix. Peaceful. Green.
And speaking of green. Yesterday's progress on the "green" quilt.

P.S. I deleted the youtube video of the Little Girl Giant. It was making my sidebar drop to the bottom of the page. If you are looking for it you can find it here:


  1. Wandering around some blogs I found yours! And I will be back to visit. You have some gorgeous little grand-daughter! Enjoy your time with her!

  2. well...clearly those Evenflo people don't have a clue what cute is. Bah!
    Love your leaves.

  3. Anonymous10:14 PM

    I might start coming to your house on Wednesdays!!

  4. Sofia is adorable, and the "Good to be Green" piece looks like it is coming along a treat. I've got a friend that lives near Beaverton -- and says she loves it. But I must admit, you folks have some really stringent zoning laws out there. Good luck with the decision about the property!