Saturday, September 08, 2007


Today I photographed all my quilts for the Japanese Garden show. This is where I take most of my photos. This is the East side of my house in the late afternoon. I actually prefer an overcast day for photographing quilts, but on a sunny day the shady side of the house works. I hang my flannel board on the side of the house, set up the tripod and click away.
The reason for the photos is twofold. I like to have a photo record of all the pieces that I have made. The second is that for this show each artist puts together a page for an inventory book, showing all the pieces they have in the show. Because this venue allows buyers to take their purchases at the time of purchase, we keep a backstock of quilts to hang as others are sold. The book allows viewers to see what else is available and if they see something that is not hanging that they are interested in we can pull it out of the back room.

Here's my page:
We have two more books that are available for viewing at the show. One has pages from each artist with their artist's statement and resume. The other was started last year. It is a book with a page from each artist about the techniques they use in their work. I have mixed feelings about the last one as I tend to think sometimes people would prefer not to know the details of how things are made and just enjoy the wonder of the work. Also, while I tend to be fairly open with my techniques I like there to be a little mystery about how things are done. We have one member who has really advocated for this book and insists that she sells much better when she can explain to potential buyers how things are made. I'm skeptical, but I made a page for that book this year, too.

The house
We made an offer. They countered. We accepted. That means if all the inspections and due diligence uncovers nothing alarming we will own it! Yikes. Wow. Now we need to get our current house ready to sell and start planning the remodel. We still don't know if we can build the studio near the creek, which is in an environmental protection area, but if not it will go somewhere else. I'm excited, but a little bit in shock. Wanna buy a nice old house in Portland, Oregon? (see back corner above) We'll make you a good deal. Really!

I can't resist leaving you with one more picture of Sofia. I picked out the cute ones to show you in the last post, but this one, taken at the same time, shows her silly side. Makes me smile.
Could I be any more in love?


  1. will you still be near Sofia? Oh that face!

  2. She's precious. Y'all are blessed.

  3. Darn, that kid's cute! You are a lucky nana to be able to move closer. (I'm hoping my ILs will be able to do the same soon!)

  4. I can see why, she is adorable!

  5. Anonymous6:18 PM

    The kid's cute and I can understand why you might want to move closer to her -- but shoot, I'm cute too and if you move to Beaverton, I'll never get to see you.

    I'll probably patronize you and torment you with teasers about the Museum and galleries and FOOD, and then you'll get mad and give up any contact altogether -- yeesh, all that, just for an adorable granddaughter. Where's your sense of values? [add a couple of snorts in here somewhere].

  6. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Can you be any more in love? Oh, yes, my dear. It gets worser and worser. What a blessing you'll be so close to her now. Congratulations on the new house and new life. (You don't make much fuss over such a significant change, do you? Guess you're still in shock.)

  7. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Sofia in this picture looks like Emily when she does her "monkey" face! Congrads on the offer! How exciting!