Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Yes, it is that anniversary. The very sad anniversary of that day we will never forget. And today it is that same kind of beautiful September day that makes you feel alive and happy and as if nothing bad could ever happen, with that same clear, blue sky. Just like it was 6 years ago. It still seems so unreal. That day. That day that has shadowed every day since.


It is also the anniversary, today, of this blog. I have been writing this for 2 years now. Can I say that this blog has changed my life? It has. It has brought me friends and opportunities I could not have imagined. It has allowed me to see my own life in a new light and to be present and aware in ways I would not have imagined.
Thanks to all of you who visit and read and especially to those of you who take the time to comment. You can't imagine how much I love reading those comments. They are what make this blog a conversation and not just a self-indulgent monologue.
I'm sending out sad thoughts and happy today. From my house to yours.
Love, Terry


  1. Happy Blogiversary -

  2. I'm so glad you started your blog...and that you keep it up! So thought provoking that it is this date. My son's birthday is tomorrow.

  3. I only recently discovered your blog. I love reading it, like the post about you ‘quarreling’ with your friend about moving and today your profound post about this date. Happy anniversary, I hope many will follow.

  4. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Terry, you're one of my sista-bloggers who make me feel like not-such-a-weirdo for blogging. Thanks. ;-)

    Keep on bloggin'

  5. I tried to say something about the anniversary in my blog today but could not make the words come. I am glad it is cloudy here, it helps with the reflective thoughts I am having. Thank you for your reminder and for having your blog.

  6. I posted a picture on my blog today for 9/11.

  7. Anonymous5:37 PM

    A happy blogiversary to you. I am so glad that you started a blog and I am intrigued by your comment that it has changed your life! I thought I was alone with that thought!! Se you manana!

  8. Anonymous6:54 PM

    I was trying hard today NOT to dwell on 9/11 as I don't like a lot of the "oh, poor, poor us" that you hear as people talk about that day. But then I heard the ceremony in New York and the mayor explaining that this year the names were being read by people who had helped that day. That's when I began weeping! It was just a terrible day--full of tragedy, full of unbelievable news. But it was a day full of caring--from the parents who had come to New York to take in the theater and ended up helping paramedics on the streets below the towers to those of us glued to TVs and computers awaiting word of the well-being of people we knew. That day we found out what we were made of and that day we saw the tears of the world. That day I was proud of (just about) the whole human race.

  9. thanks Terry, I wrote some on my blog about this today. I love your wonderful "voice"
    Hope you're having a nice meeting and visit with Larkin.

  10. happy 2nd anniversary. I have only been writing my blog since the 4th of July this year, and I agree it allows one to see their own life in a different way. Thoughts come to me as I write about a picture that weren't even conscious thoughts before I typed.

  11. Happy Blogiversary! A also, agree with you about the joys, benefits of blogging, reading the coments, and knowing many of us must deal with similar unhappinesses, children, illness, parents, etc. Thank you for your post of yesterday.

    I waited until the end of the day (9/11) - holding my breath, and thankfully, no major international tragedies happened.

  12. happy blogiversary Terry, and I do agree with you about how blogging affects the way you see life. I really enjoy visiting and sharing your thoughts, pictures, creativity, discussions and occasional 'granny outbursts' where your joy over your little cutie bubbles over!
    Suzi -k (sorry, I logged on with my new neighbourhood watch blog, so the name will be new to you!)