Saturday, December 08, 2007

Borrowing some pictures

It's been a busy week at the new house. Hiring Don was a great help and it all started to really take shape this week. I kept forgetting to take my camera out, but Ray took some pictures yesterday that he shared.
Here's Don hard at work on one of several short walls he framed in this week.

This little wall creates a "nook" next to the front door. The coat closet is behind Don just beyond the righthand edge of the photo. The nook will have a little bench where one can sit and remove shoes, etc.

Looking toward the kitchen you can see that little stepdown wall, which will cover the end of the kitchen cabinets and, at least partially, shield the view of countertop messes from the livingroom and dining area. You can also see the hole where the old window was. Don framed it in and repaired the siding on the outside. Once the siding is painted to match the house you will never know there was once a window there. A skylight will compensate for the light lost from that window.

Here's the view from the kitchen looking back toward the diningroom area. You can see the former door to the bathroom, which is going away and the wall extension which will help define that room a little better and provide a wall long enough for a china cupboard.

The old chandelier is going away too, eventually. I found a light fixture I like, but not the one in the picture I posted awhile back. If anyone finds it now, don't tell me!

Ray took this not very flattering picture of me removing the last little remnants of the wallpaper border in the small bathroom.

This is just to show you that I am not standing around bossing the men. I've also been refinishing the old oak table we'll be using. I'll get some pictures posted eventually. It's looking good.

And since I'm borrowing pictures today, here's one borrowed from Emily. Sofia's red hat is pretty darn cute!

And last of all, a very Happy Birthday to my friend Carla! Her birthday was yesterday, the "date which will live in infamy." I was a day behind and had it in my head that today was the 7th, so I missed her actual birthday. Hope it was great, Carla! You have been a wonderful friend for so, so long and I miss you, but love that we can visit each day via blog.


  1. That IS a flattering picture of you - it proves you can still get up on a bench and do hard labor. That Sophia, she just gets cuter by the day!

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes. It is hard to believe we have known each other for as long as we have. I am enjoying seeing the progress on the house.

    What I am really enjoying are pictures of Sofia. This one just makes me giggle. She has reminded me of Cayo until recently and this picture especially I can see Emily in that cute nose and smile.

    Thanks again, I appreciate it.

  3. Flattering or not you are able and willing to get on a ladder, you go girl! That is one cute grandbaby and I thought mine were the cutest ever! Happy Holidays

  4. Sofia is a cute little red berry. What a fun picture!
    I am so inspired by all your work on your new place. I was glad to learn that you are putting in a skylight to replace the window light loss.
    While your mind is on remodeling projects, check out my furniture moving on my blog today.

  5. Even though space planning was/is my strong suit, I'm always gratified at how significant a difference small changes can make. You clearly see that too in your decisions to change a doorway, add a small wall to hide a messy countertop from guests or to give space for a useful piece of furniture. Small things like the bench and your other choices pay huge rewards over the lifetime of your house. Looking so good!

    And oh, look. You have a gorgeous baby to adorn the place when it's finished.

  6. Baby's pretty darn cute too! And good luck with your feels so good when it's done and you can vacuum sheetrock powder for the last time!

  7. Coming along nicely but completely overshadowed by the beautiful Sofia

  8. Picture of you is gorgeous, c'mon!

    I assume you guys are working from an actual plan of some sort. You seem so casual; oh, we're putting in a nook over here, and of course a skylight will replace the window we're eliminating on this wall, and this other wall is going away entirely, and naturally a door will go here. Seriously, I've been there and can appreciate how it all gets done, but I do recall a certain degree of panic and internal chaos which you're not communicating at all. I admire that in you, Terry.

  9. What a precious little baby girl that Sofia is!
    I am enjoying watching the progress on your home.