Saturday, December 01, 2007

House update - December 1

I haven't mentioned the house remodel project lately, so I took a few pictures today. We've had a little trouble finding people to do the work, but it looks like things are about to get going next week. Ray has a guy coming to start work on the kitchen and the electrical and plumbing will get started soon, too. Meanwhile we've been in demo and wallpaper elimination mode.

Remember the blue and purple kitchen?

This is what it looks like now.

Ray has done all the demo work so far. I have been stripping wallpaper. Remember this room?
This is just off the diningroom and it will be our TV watching room. After stripping all the blue wallpaper, I found...

Blue paint. The previous owners really liked blue a lot. Every room in the house is some shade of blue. I can hardly wait to get to the painting phase and warm this place up! You can see I have replaced the precious little chandelier with a more practical light fixture. The box in the middle of the room is the microwave that will go over the stove.

We are changing the door to one of the bathrooms. It currently opens off the diningroom, which is just unacceptable to me. (Ick!) We are relocating the door to the utility room through what was a shallow closet. Yesterday Ray took a hammer and saw to the wall and that project is now underway!

This picture was taken standing in the utility room looking through the former closet into the bathroom. Yes! This is going to be a huge improvement.

This is the window in the livingroom that looks out toward the front yard and the creek. I am going to love living with this view. I really like these old windows, but alas they are single panes and not at all energy efficient. We've been shopping for windows. I think the replacement for this window is going to be a little higher off the floor. Modern codes require that windows less than 18" from the floor be made from tempered glass—very expensive. I think the higher window will actually be better in other ways as well, but it is a little sad to see this window go. I will not, however, be the least bit sad to see these oddball draperies go.

Out front, this is the creek.

This fall when we first saw the house the creek was barely a trickle of water. We've had a lot of rain this week, so it is now probably 8 -10 inches deep in some places.

We walked around the woodsy part of the lot and talked about what kinds of bushes we want to plant to further block the view of the road. I said I wanted some holly, then I discovered this pretty little variegated holly bush almost engulfed by blackberries. I think some love and attention will do wonders for it.

Ray has been potting up starts and extra plants from our current house and taking them out to the new house. Here are some waiting for new homes.

So, that's my little tour around the homestead for today. I plan to post periodic updates on this project. I think it will be my life for the next few months.


  1. Anonymous12:07 AM

    Reminds me of my house Terry. We've been remodeling for 10 yrs. now and have installed "Insulate" brand windows over time. Certainteed purchased Insulate (no affil.). You can order their catalog online. We have replaced ours with the picture type window you have and they are 6" from the floor and reasonably priced.

  2. Nesting is so satisfying. I look forward to watching your cabin in the woods evolve. :-)

  3. Could you replace the big living room window with French doors? I am pretty sure they come with the right glass. You don't have to open the doors (you could get a permanent lock so Sofia can not open them). I like the large expanse of glass you have now.

  4. The view from the living room is awesome. No wonder you decided on this spot.

  5. I'm impressed at how much of this you and Ray are willing (and able!) to tackle yourselves.

  6. Those drapes are stylin"...straight from Candace Olson and Devine Design. People pay her big bucks for those types of solutions. LOL

    Enjying your remake.


  7. Oy -- I remember doing much the same when we bought our place five years ago. (can we say 1980's pink, blue and white sponge painting over a "chair rail" of wallpaper border (more blue and pink) with roses) I swear -- I will never put up wallpaper ever again! Have you thought about french doors to replace that window? It would be a shame to lose all of that lovely light.

  8. Love your update and what you're doing to the house. I too would have to warm up the wall colors and my ick-factor sentiment about the bathroom opening into the dining room is at the same level as yours. Keep on keepin' on.